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Sixers Press Conference introduces Elton Brand as General Manager

The former player turned Sixers GM addressed the media this afternoon.

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics - Game Seven Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

By now, you’ve heard the news: the Sixers have promoted Elton Brand to General Manager. This afternoon, Old School Chevy — or as Josh Harris called Brand, New School Tesla — addressed questions from the media during a press conference. Below, I’ve compiled some of the most notable quotes from the presser, thanks to the many members of Sixers’ media.

Not a quote so much as an observation. The players being in attendance alone doesn’t necessarily mean they are full throttle in support of Brand, but it does seem that way when you include some of the tweets we’ve seen coming from players like Joel Embiid.

We knew going in that it would be a major theme/talking point, and it didn’t take Harris long to hammer the notion of “collaboration.”

Between the quotes in Bodner and Tom Moore’s tweets, we’re being told essentially that Elton Brand will take care of personnel decisions like bringing in players through the draft and trades, while Brett Brown will handle deploying their talents. Which... is.. well, is how a basketball team works. And that sort of makes this emphasis on collaboration odd — most teams DO utilize a collaborative effort in some way, shape or form, but someone is the final decision maker. To me, it’s not really clear who that is, even though Brand implied that he’ll be taking credit, good or bad:

One of the “pros” of Brand leading personnel acquisitions, according to Josh Harris, is his ability to relate to NBA players:

On the topic of whether or not the Sixers’ front office is complete, Harris had this to say:

Stay tuned with Liberty Ballers, as we’ll be covering tomorrow’s media day. We’ll also have more reaction to the press conference and Brand’s promotion in general throughout the rest of the day and through the weekend.

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