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Sam Hinkie seeking collaborators

He died for our sins, and now, you can join him.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Philadelphia 76ers John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Colangelo household was revealed to have more burners than a chef’s kitchen, a small segment of the Sixers fan base has been hoping against hope that the general manager vacancy could lead to the return of Process architect himself, Sam Hinkie. Even while keeping a relatively low profile in Palo Alto, Hinkie has popped up from time to time in the world of sports, whether it’s serving as a guest speaker at Sloan Conference, or providing analytics advice to the Denver Broncos. However, if his latest tweet is any indication, it seems like Sam has his sights set on things well beyond the events that take place on the hardwood or gridiron.

Here are just a few of his ideas for projects:

  • Personalized book recommendation software.
  • Faster video for mobile.
  • Pagination for anything we read on mobile.
  • Algorithmic ordering of emails by importance.

These are some deep thoughts regarding potential advancements in the tech world, proving Joel Embiid was correct in his assessment:

To be fair, Hinkie also mentions “Google Maps, but for basketball video,” and slider bars to auto compress NBA games, so he hasn’t completely moved on from the world of hoops. Still, I’m not seeing “Take a young, talented, up-and-coming team to title contention” anywhere on the list.

Given the combination of the dinosaurs still roaming in some league circles who don’t see how beneficial the Process was to the future of the Sixers franchise, and Sam’s potential feelings regarding his mistreatment by his former employers, we’re unlikely to see him back in the NBA in an official capacity in the near future.

Hinkie has moved on to other endeavors. The Sixers have as well. Speaking of which, how are the GM interviews going these last two weeks which we’ve heard nothing about?

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