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NBC gives script commitment to show inspired by the life of Ben Simmons

Could the next award Ben receives be an Emmy?

NBA: Award Show Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Ben Simmons signed with Klutch Sports in 2016, a lot has been made about the mentor-mentee relationship between the young Sixers point guard and LeBron James. Now, there’s another item connecting the two stars to add to the list. Like King James before him, Ben Simmons is going Hollywood!

Per Deadline, NBC has given a script commitment plus penalty to ‘Brotherly Love,’ a show that was “inspired by the life of Ben Simmons and centers on a unique sibling relationship within a multi-ethnic family. Together, they pursue their dreams while navigating life in the spotlight in Philadelphia, a passionate city where sports is in your blood, and your blood is always boiling.” I’m not ‘in the business,’ but I think script commitment plus penalty means we’re exceedingly likely to at least see a pilot for this show, as the network would have to pay a hefty penalty not to air it.

LeBron is one of the executive producers on the project, while Ben and his brother Sean Tribe are consulting producers. I’m all for Simmons spending as much time with LeBron as possible, even if this particular enterprise is a strictly off-the-court endeavor. Nobody has laid out the blueprint for how to be a high-profile personality, while still succeeding at the highest level on the hardwood, as well as the man who has been heavily scrutinized since he was a young teenager. Continue soaking up that life advice, Ben.

There’s another exciting Sixers-adjacent tie-in with the show, as Liberty Ballers blogger emeritus and co-host of the popular Rights to Ricky Sanchez Podcast, Michael Levin, is one of the show’s writers. Knowing the Sixers Easter Eggs Mike included in his other writing projects, I can’t wait to see the best friend, T.J., and the quirky next door neighbor, Dario.

We’ve had a Sixers-focused Game of Zones episode, and now this. It’s only a matter of time before 30 for 30: Trust the Process drops. Until then, good luck to Ben and the rest of the team.

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