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Sixers and Jerryd Bayless possibly considering a buyout

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports


Per Jordan Schultz, the Sixers and Jerryd Bayless are “strongly considering a buyout.”

Getting off of Bayless’ contract would be a crucial move in creating cap space to sign LeBron James to the max, as it would clear some of Bayless’ $8.575 million from the Sixers’ books. This news is coming out not too long after the Sixers met today with LBJ’s camp led by agent Rich Paul.

If a buyout is mutually desired, it’s possible this is a transaction unrelated to the Sixers’ pursuit of LeBron, and that both parties (Bayless and the Sixers) seek a buyout regardless of LeBron’s decision. Nonetheless, if a buyout of Bayless is achieved, it would make it easier for the Sixers to accommodate LeBron’s max salary.

Keith Pompey confirmed Schultz’ report:


UPDATE: I took this Bayless news at face-value initially, but I’m starting to wonder about it. I’m not sure why Bayless would agree to a buyout; it doesn’t seem to be a friendly market for lower tier free agents. I buy that somebody put this possibility of a buyout out there, but I’m not sure who or for what.

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