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Sixers News: Good Things! Markelle is working with Drew Hanlen

Markelle Fultz is training with Drew Hanlen, a highly regarded skills coach.

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The past week+, Sixers news has been dominated by the former President of Basketball Operations. Underneath it all, Markelle Fultz posted an Instagram video of some impressive dunks. But the dunks aren’t what’s important. (Really though, they are awesome. But he did get rim-stuffed on one attempt. I’ll post at the end.) What’s important about the post was a comment made by NBA Skills Trainer Drew Hanlen:

So Hanlen and Markelle are working together. (This actually isn’t the first time Hanlen and Fultz have been linked. A few days ago, I think, Hanlen posted something of Fultz. But I can’t dig up the evidence.) Very, very good news. Hanlen is considered by many to be an excellent skills developer and shot coach. He’s exactly the type of person Markelle should be training with. And while we haven’t seen very much workout footage, Hanlen’s comment — “I was more impressed by your form shooting today” — is comforting and encouraging, for what it’s worth.

Hanlen’s previous clients include Bradley Beal, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, oh and Joel Embiid. Here’s a video showing Embiid applying what he’s learned from Hanlen:

There’s been a lot of controversy over Markelle’s shot, and a lot of questions about whether or not a previous trainer may have disrupted his shot. Well, now Markelle is training with the right coach. Knowing that the two are working on basics like form shooting, I’d guess Hanlen is completely rebuilding Markelle’s shot.

Here’s the video of Markelle’s dunks:

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