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9 days into Twitter scandal, Bryan Colangelo still employed by the Sixers

How? Why?

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Press Conference James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It’s now been 9 days since we learned about the Twitter burner accounts linked to Bryan Colangelo, and their propensity for both bad-mouthing current and former Sixers players and divulging sensitive team information (medical and strategic). Somehow, Colangelo still has his job with the organization. The investigation has apparently concluded with signs pointed toward Colangelo’s wife running the accounts, of which the team believes Colangelo himself was entirely unaware.

Since yesterday, we learned from Sixers beat writer Keith Pompey who will be making the final decision on Colangelo’s fate with the team:

Thus, the men responsible for ensuring the Sixers #DoTheRightThing include:

  • Harris, who was linked earlier this year to Jared Kushner when an abnormally large loan from Harris’ Apollo Global Management to Kushner Companies came to light, from a time when the two men were having meetings about administration policy. The administration later reversed position within the passed tax bill, opting not to close a loophole that greatly benefits private equity managers like Apollo. Harris also once cancelled a youth soccer game by having his helicopter land on the field.
  • Blitzer, who publicly admitted the entire ownership team was “completely clueless” when they took over the Sixers.
  • O’Neil, who received the Sam Hinkie ‘vote of confidence’ in his resignation letter to ownership that he “will ably and efficiently separate the good people of the Delaware Valley from their wallets on your behalf.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling incredibly confident these men truly have the interests of the common fan at heart. With yesterday’s revelation that Colangelo was in attendance for a player workout that included Grayson Allen, it’s hard not to conclude ownership is leaning toward keeping Colangelo on board.

This saga has to end sometime soon; the NBA draft is exactly two weeks away. Hopefully, logic and common sense rule the day, but I’m not optimistic.

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