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Sixers weekend roundup: David Griffin believes Sixers have “leg up” on LBJ

Not the Sixers news you were hoping for, but the news you should know.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

David Griffin joined Zach Gelb to talk Sixers

Former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin joined Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio over the weekend to discuss the Sixers.

Asked how he reacts to Woodergate, Griffin said, “I really don’t...I think we need to just let facts dictate what they do, and getting into the whole Twitter forensics of everything is not something I’m going to do.” (That’s okay Dave, Sixers Twitter has already taken care of that!) Griffin went on to say, “I think I’d have to say I don’t put much stock in anything that’s being discussed right now.”

Gelb remarked that if Colangelo knew about any aspect of the burner accounts, Gelb imagined it would be very difficult for Colangelo to keep his job, to which Griffin basically denied responding.

When Gelb inquired about Griffin’s interest level in the Sixers’ general manager position if it were to become available: Griffin said that for now, he’s just focused on doing a good job with his gigs at SiriusXM radio and NBA TV. Griffin did confirm, though, that he misses being part of the game.

Last, Gelb brought up the possibility of LeBron James joining the Sixers this offseason. Griffin replied saying, “I do think it’s significant, though, that Rich Paul is the representative for Ben Simmons as well. So he’s going to know the organization very well. And I think that will certainly give them a leg up because I know Brett Brown is somebody that you’re going to look at when you’re LeBron...I think because Ben has intimate knowledge of coach Brown, that’ll probably help.”

Not a bad campaign for the job, Griff. Subtle, yet effective.

2018-2019 Title odds released, Sixers with 3rd best odds

Are you nauseous over the burner situation? Do you think the Sixers are doomed? Are you expecting Burnergate to ruin all of Hinkie’s work?

Well, some news that might make you feel better: Vegas is still very high on the Sixers. The odds for NBA champion of the 2018-2019 season have been released by Westgate Superbook, and the Sixers came in with the 3rd highest odds at 7/2.

Ahead of the Sixers were the Golden State Warriors (5/4) and the Houston Rockets (7/2). And just behind the Sixers? The Boston Celtics at 8/1.

Makes you wonder if there’s something to read into regarding the Sixers odds. Cough LeBron cough.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing from the organization.

The team is really taking their time in giving the fans a detailed response regarding the Ringer story that has taken the spotlight away from the NBA Finals. We know the team is investigating the accounts and finding out exactly what Bryan Colangelo knew and what he didn’t know. But me thinks what they are really doing, is struggling to come to a decision about how to handle the situation.

If I had to guess, the ownership group has their reservations about dismissing Colangelo. And, if I had to guess, I’d think that Snake Silver hopes Colangelo remains in his position, and that Silver has communicated that to the Sixers ownership in some way. This all has to be putting an immense amount of pressure on Josh Harris and friends, who will surely be skewered by the fan base every hour that passes without a decision.

Let’s hope we get some answers today.

Adam/Dave/Snake Silver has no plans to change rookie qualifiers

According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, Adam Silver has no plans on changing the rules that qualify a player as a rookie.

”There are no plans to change it,” Silver told ESPN. “We’ve had that rule in place for some time. If we were to change the rule, we wouldn’t do it midseason. We would at least wait until the winner of the award is announced. But there have not been any discussions about changing the rule.”

This is pertinent, because 99% of the arguments against Ben Simmons being named Rookie of the Year are Jazz fans complaining that Simmons “isn’t a real rookie.” Which, as we know, is factually incorrect.

Sorry Donovan Mitchell, you’re not going to passive-aggressively whine your way to an award.

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