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Molly Sullivan may be out at NBCSports Philadelphia, but she’s got a fan for life in me

Molly Sullivan is a professional on the court, but colleagues and fans around Philadelphia will miss her kindness and genorosity.

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Following last night’s shocking news that NBC Sports Philadelphia has decided to part ways with sideline reporter Molly Sullivan to, in her own words, go in a new direction, an outpouring of support for her began to pop up on Twitter. Media members and Sixers employees alike shared their well wishes and memories of Sullivan’s kindness and professionalism during her time in Philadelphia.

As a minor Philadelphia celebrity, at least in Sixers fan circles, Sullivan could have reserved her kindness for those that she interacted with in her personal and professional life. However, I know for a fact that her generosity extends to those whom she has never met in person.

Last summer, Molly was a guest on The Rights to Ricky Sanchez Podcast. As a Sixers fan, I am an avid listener of the show, but had not yet begun writing for Liberty Ballers. I tweeted at Molly how much I enjoyed her appearance on the show, and was excited to see that she had replied to my tweet. She could have replied “Thanks!” or just liked my tweet, but went above and beyond what anyone would expect from someone that they didn’t personally know.

She went to my Twitter bio and visited my personal blog, which I was using to hone my writing skills and write about the Bachelorette and my new dog (the mentioned Luna). She took the time, which as a parent I’m sure is a commodity, to read my writing, look at my pictures, and let me know that she liked what I was doing. I was just starting to share my writing, and had just gotten the nerve to apply to write for Liberty Ballers. To have a media member respond positively meant a lot.

Molly always performed her job as sideline reporter in a professional manner during her time with the Sixers. She asked insightful questions, but never went for the shock value of ‘gotcha’ journalism. My guess is, the players trusted and enjoyed their interviews with her or we never would’ve gotten gems like this:

42. (And: @jjredick wins this round...)

A post shared by Molly Sullivan (@mollysullivantv) on

However, the way she performs off the court is more important, treating seemingly everyone with kindness and respect. Molly made a lifelong fan out of me through a small kindness, and I wish her well in whatever adventure comes her way next.

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