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Burnerghazi Discussion Thread

How is this taking so long?

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Press Conference James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The question of who was responsible for the burner accounts and what the Sixers will do about it will, until its resolution, be the central issue in Sixerland. Last night, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and other reporters suggested that Bryan Colangelo is making the case he was neither responsible for, nor aware of, the social media posts from Eric Jr. and the other accounts.

Those reports further claim that at least one person in the Sixers organization supports Bryan Colangelo keeping his job. Some have speculated that person is Bryan’s father Jerry, others think it’s probably someone else. It’s uncertain whether we’ll get more news over the weekend, but we might. Even if we don’t, there’s plenty of room for speculation!

Please use this thread to continue the discussion.

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