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Sixers Twitter diving deep into the Colangelo conundrum

A new suspect has surfaced in the burner account saga

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Kevin F. Love:

After some impressive research by Twitter users @Legsanity and @DidTheSixersWin, a new suspect has arisen in the case of the Colangelo Burner Account situation.

The suspect: Barbara Bottini, Bryan Colangelo’s wife.

Like most everything we know in this fiasco, the evidence brought against her is circumstantial. (Yesterday, I was sure Colangelo personally tweeted from the accounts. Now, I’m not so sure he actually typed the tweets and hit send.) So it’s important to remember that theories are exactly that — theories. Without any confirmation via the organization, most of what we’re hearing at this point is unofficial or unproven.

But the Twitter accounts mentioned above bring some very interesting information to light regarding Barbara Bottini, if it’s in fact legitimate.

Legs first starts rolling here:

Now, this is where things really start getting interesting:

Then, @DidTheSixersWin jumped in with a response to comments made by Rich Hofmann:

Ben Detrick, who broke the story about the accounts in question, then retweeted this @DidTheSixersWin tweet:

Soon after Detrick retweeted @DidTheSixersWin, Detrick tweeted:

The silence from the organization and Colangelo is deafening. With that said, obviously the team has not confirmed any of this. Colangelo, himself, has not confirmed any of this. So, most of what we think we know is not actually fact. At the same time, the ideas laid out above certainly warrant consideration.

What. is. going. on?

Sean Kennedy:

This evidence wouldn’t hold up in a court of law, but it appears to be enough for the court of public opinion. Bryan Colangelo admitted to operating the @Phila1234567 account, and there were substantial connections between that account and the others laid out in Detrick’s piece. Those accounts now have a lot of digital fingers pointing back toward his wife, Barbara.

The possibility of the accounts being run by his wife doesn’t dismiss Colangelo from being culpable in this mess. Whether or not he knew about these other accounts, the fact remains that he relayed sensitive team information to some outside party, either his wife, another close confidante, or the Twitter public at-large. Such reckless handling of said information is grounds for his dismissal. It seems impossible that any players could trust the integrity of the Sixers front office going forward if Colangelo is still around.

We all know the stereotypical wedding vows (for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, etc.). Going forward, we may see some new ones spring up among happy couples (in Twitter threads and Moments, I’ll defend both your business acumen and collar height, until death do us part).

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