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The Ringer’s scoop about Bryan Colangelo & burner accounts

Ben Detrick of the Ringer got an anonymous tip about a few Twitter accounts

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Ringer’s Ben Detrick has released an extensive investigative report stemming from a tip he received from an anonymous source: “In February, The Ringer received an anonymous tip that Bryan Colangelo, the Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations, had been secretly operating five Twitter accounts.”

The accounts have tweeted statements defending Colangelo’s shirt collar lengths, criticizing Hinkie’s resignation letter, how they would “love to knock some sense in Joel’s head” and releasing information that had not been made public by the organization.

I’m not in expert in this sort of lingo, but I suppose some of the evidence is circumstantial; however, the evidence is pretty, pretty, PRETTY convincing. The accounts were linked by the anonymous source who claimed to work in artificial intelligence and use a strategy of tracking the patterns of “likes, follows and tweets.” Detrick went on to write, “they discuss the same topics, use strikingly similar phrasing, and, at times, have tweeted out identical media images.”

You can draw your own conclusions from the two exchanges: Not only did the Sixers confirm that Colangelo was the owner of one of the five accounts in question, but the three that were not mentioned simultaneously went dark shortly after he was told of The Ringer’s inquiry.

The piece is a must read, and you can read it here.

Liberty Ballers will be providing more commentary as the situation develops.


There was apparently a tweet sent from the Liberty Ballers account, which quote tweeted another account with a caption along the lines of “this is true” or “not lying.” The account that was quote tweeted was Eric Sidewater saying he was Eric Jr.

I did not tweet that from the Liberty Ballers account, and I am in the process of figuring out who did. I do not know the truth of it, and I am not sure the nature of Eric’s tweet, although I think he was joking.

I apologize for any confusion and will get to the bottom of the matter to clear things up.

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