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The Dario Saric Celebration Encyclopedia #DarioCelebrations

A complete gathering of all the Dario Saric celebrations. Use the hashtag #DarioCelebrations on twitter to keep track of all his wild and wacky celebrations.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With a young team full of vibrant players and swashbuckling celebrations including Joel Embiid’s finger guns, TJ McConnell’s flex, and even Amir Johnson’s occasional 3 point “Light the Match” celebration, one player stands above the rest with his original, spontaneous, and dorky celebrations, Dario Saric.

For two years Sixers’ fans were anxious for the Croat to make his way across the Atlantic and bless us with his basketball skills, but along with his elite shooting, tireless rebounding, savvy passing capabilities, and relentless hustle, he also brought over his crazy weird cool celebrations.

The purpose of this piece is going to be to document as many of the unique cellys as we can and keep them all in once place for everyone’s enjoyment. We will update and add his new celebrations as they come in next season.

Let’s begin.

The Original

The Jordan

The Chop

Confident Pump

Chest Slap

Containing Excitement

(also looks like he’s holding in a massive dump)

Fiery Chest Bumps

Double Fisting in to a Fist Pump


Super Dario Sunshine

Piggy Back

Again, piece will be updated as Dario continues to celebrate for seasons to come. If any of you loyal readers have a gif/video/tweet of another Dario celebration, tweet them to Kevin Rice or Liberty Ballers on twitter and/or use the hashtag #DarioCelebrations so they can be added to the Encyclopedia.

(I’m sure I missed a few so please comment/tweet gifs so we can gather them all)

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