The Fultz draft trade, a rational look

So many now are judging the 2017 NBA draft trade up move, made to get Markelle Fultz with pure retrospect, as an official resident Colangelo Shill ;-) I'm quickly summarizing a few points rationally, with respect to the conditions at the time of the trade rather than emotions of the moment.

So let's logically look at the trade at this point in time if we insist that now is the time to evaluate the trade.

Tatum is indeed looking like a great rookie. I do think in the Celtic system a lot of players look even better than they do out of the system but at this point though in hindsight, yes there is no disputing that Jayson Tatum is an excellent rookie.

TEN TRADE TAKES (for the rational mind only)

  1. We also know that the trade was NEVER Fultz for Tatum. "Could have had" draft logic is being merged by some people into a "traded for Tatum" myth.
    Jayson Tatum was only a possibility for the Sixers at #3 pick and wasn't even the most likely projected Sixer's pick.
    Josh Jackson was projected more likely with Fox, Issac, Dennis Smith Jr and even Malik Monk all in serious projections as well.

  2. We know that the Fultz trade up was more FIT based instead of the pure BPA based picks that led to bringing in the likes of Okafor and Noel before creating a center logjam ultimately with Embiid.

  3. We know that most fans and even media thought it was a sensible trade for both teams at the time.

  4. Small or Power Forward was not the highest position of need for Philly at the time of the trade. Covington was signed long term and Saric looking very good as well.

  5. As a top #1 - #3 pick, the organization would only be able to pay and KEEP a limited number of such players as the CORE keepers for the future. So FIT was more important than ever.

  6. Protections were placed on the pick that were clearly more than normal average pick protections. Colangelo may be hated no matter what he does, but the credit for the pick protections goes to the GM. If the #10 pick this year is put to good use for the roster, that will be a direct payoff of those negotiated protections.

  7. The special protections have already paid off for Philly who NOW have the #10 pick in this draft, a very nice draft that can really help the team.

  8. The 2019 Sac pick was protected less than the 2018 Lakers pick. Clearly that's something Bryan Colangelo pushed for since Danny Ainge would have been happy to take little to no protections and come away with another Brooklyn level heist.

    Now with the 2018 lottery complete, the pick protections makes more sense than ever. If we want to use hindsight the Sacramento King's projected pick is looking LESS valuable than it seemed at trade time and the Lakers 2018 pick, the more highly protected pick, is looking more valuable to the Sixers as they are budding ahead of schedule.

    The faster growth curve of 'the process' gives even more value to the 2018 LA pick especially because it projects to be the stronger draft of the 2 at this point and positions like 3&D Wing or Backup 5 could easily be plugged with low cost youth that pays off now rather than in the '19-'20 season..

  9. Disappointment is not Bust. Markelle Fultz is already NOT a bust but he could (possibly) be disappointment just because of the expectations he was drafted with .

    Let's address this irrational knee jerk nonsensical language coming from some fans and media. Its a reasonable take to say that Fultz could be a disappointment ultimately IF he were never to recover his shooting ability. It would be disappointment because the expectations when he was drafted were of a 3-level scorer. He was drafted with different expectations than say De'Aaron Fox, not expected to be an elite shooter.

    Rajon Rondo is a very productive NBA guard and an NBA champion but he lacks that high quality 3 point shooting a maximized All Star guard today must have.
    So if Fultz ended up like a Rondo, a guard that could score inside and pass well and run an offense but without being deep threat, THAT would be disappointing BUT would NOT make him a bust by any stretch.

  10. Those last 10 games. Anthony Bennett is a BUST. Markelle Fultz is already not that.
    After missing almost his entire rookie season, Fultz popped right into the last 10 games of the Sixer's season and proved he could contribute as he was part of the season ending super hot winning streak, He even close by setting a record as youngest player in NBA history to record a triple double.

    Already NOT a bust.

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