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Sixers with 3rd highest odds as destination for Paul George

Bovada has released odds for which team Paul George will play for next season.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada (the sports wagering site that I definitely, totally have never used because it’s illegal in my location) has released odds for Paul George’s next destination. Bovada has placed 6/1 odds on Paul George sporting a Sixers’ jersey next season:

@MattGlenesk on Twitter

Only the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder were given higher odds than the Sixers of inking the free-agent-to-be. I can’t wrap my head around the Indiana Pacers at 9/1. I can’t see both sides making amends just one year removed from their fallout. But PG and ‘Dipo would be pretty dangerous, and if they were to succeed, it’d cause Russ stans an existential crisis.

I’m still decompressing from the Eastern Conference Semis, but this made things just a bit more digestible. Eh, actually, no. But interesting nonetheless.

The Sixers clearly could use some wing depth, and Paul George would fit with this roster like a glove. Maybe, hopefully, Bovada is on to something here. Still, my money would be on the Lakers at this point.

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