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Crossing Broad is extending Liberty Ballers discount code!

Crossing Broad has reactivated the 10% discount for Liberty Ballers readers.

The Crossing Broad store is offering Liberty Ballers readers a 10% discount. You just have to follow this link to the Crossing Broad store and enter discount code libertyballers10 at checkout.

Last night, the NFL Draft took place. I almost forgot it was even happening, because Tom Brady fumbled the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. It feels just as good typing it now as it did in February. It’s incredible: winning the Super Bowl makes the draft go from “We gotta hit this, it could put us over” to “Eh, hopefully they trade the pick. Not much in the starting lineup to upgrade.”

We’re now seeing a similar narrative unfold with the Sixers. Now, in all likelihood, the Sixers will have a pick in the lottery in this summer’s NBA Draft via the Lakers. But we haven’t been in full-on mock draft mode like we had in the past. And that’s because THE SIXERS WON A PLAYOFF SERIES AND ARE NOW THE FAVORITES IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE.

With all the goodwill flowing throughout the city sports, Crossing Broad has decided to extend that goodwill. See, we partnered with Crossing Broad for the playoffs to supply you with all the playoff gear you need. During the infancy stages of this partnership, Crossing Broad offered Liberty Ballers readers a 10% discount on entire purchases from the Crossing Broad store.

Well on this fine Friday afternoon just days after Brett Brown has secured his first playoff series victory, and after the Eagles have traded their 1st round pick because they don’t need no first round pick, Crossing Broad is reactivating the Liberty Ballers 10% discount code.

For the rest of the day, entering libertyballers10 at purchase will get you 10% off your entire order. Just follow this link, and enter the code libertyballers10

What might you buy in taking advantage of the code?

Trust the Process, in the summer AND the winter!

Go check out the Crossing Broad store, they cover all of your Philadelphia sports needs, not just basketball. Once again, the code at check: libertyballers10

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