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Joel Embiid will play in Game 3 vs. Heat

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Embiid has been upgraded to probable for Game 3 vs. the Miami Heat.

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It’s happening. Hopefully.

Joel Embiid has been upgraded from doubtful to probable for Game 3 vs. the Miami Heat.

If Joel plays, it changes the outlook of tonight’s game drastically. The Sixers could desperately use his presence due to Miami’s increased physicality on the defensive end. There’s a fear that physicality could endanger Embiid if his face isn’t 100% healed. But the Sixers have been extremely cautious, so I’ll take their word for it if they decide he’s good to go.

The idea of a masked Joel Embiid playing in Game 3 brings about feelings one grown man should never feel. But here I am.

Good news! This is good news!


The countdown begins.


Jon Johnson, you are a man of the people.


By all accounts, Joel Embiid will play tonight barring any setbacks in warmup. With a mask and goggles.