Talk to the hand Ben!

C'mon Ben. This off season should be the time. Talk to the hand, the RIGHT hand.

Tell him its time for him to step up to his rightful place in your game.

Tell the LEFT hand he'll always have a place as well in your heart and in your game but it has to be as a support role.

There can only be one. Talk to the hand Ben. You were born for the Right hand.

Listen to JJ. He's not only a great shooter but he wants to see you be the best you can be.
I think Ben’s form left-handed is worse than his form right-handed.

No of course JJ is going to respect your decision, as a man who is already a great player and working hard on your left hand shooting but let's get real, that right hand is the bomb. Don't fight it. Talk to the hand.

Yes, yes, we all agree, you're already great. BUT, if you don't make that move and talk the hand, the one God naturally made to be your dominant hand, then lets face it, you'll never know how great you could have, would have been.

Its time Ben. Talk to the hand!

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