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Sixers Fall Apart in Milwaukee

Sixers Turn the Ball Over a Season High 26 Times and Blow Two Big Leads.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports


The Sixers took two separate 20ish point leads over in Milwaukee and managed to lose control of both of them. Giannis Antetokoumpo played his part in the Bucks comeback as he finished the game with an incredible 35/9/7.

The Sixers came out firing in this game, scoring 43 first quarter points on 76% shooting. They actually ended the game shooting 55.7%, but they were outshot by the Bucks by 25 shots. But the old turnover bug was at it again as the Sixers were incredibly careless with the ball, giving it up a season high 26 turnovers. And no one seemed to want to take care of it, as Ben Simmons gave it up six times on some uncharacteristically lackadaisical passes in the half court. Joel Embiid has his struggles too as he turned it over 7 times and had a lackluster game overall, finishing with 19/8 and a -11. And JJ Redick, who has had to attempt to become more than a catch and shoot guy in Fultz’s absence, gave it up 5 times for the second time in 3 games.

One huge bright spot for the Sixers was Dario Saric, who finished with a team high 25 points and 6 rebounds on 9-11 shooting from the field (4-5 from three). Dario was huge the entire game and continues to show the huge leaps and bounds he has made since he came over last year.

Other than turnovers, the 3rd quarter was once again a killer as the Sixers only mustered up 14 points while the Bucks exploded for 33. The nine turnovers in the 3rd quarter really did damage as the Bucks ended the quarter on a 21-0 run to take the lead that they would hold for the rest of the game.

One other point of where the Sixers got outworked was on the boards, which is a rarity. The Bucks managed to pull down six more rebounds (10 more offensive) than the Sixers which was partly due to the gravity that Giannis commands when he drives. Tyler Zeller was a direct beneficiary from that circumstance, as several times he was able to wait on the other side of the rim in the case Giannis misses.

Jabari Parker also played with some fire as he hit a few big threes to help separate the Bucks from the Sixers in the second half. Parker had 13/7 on 3-5 shooting from distance in the contest.

But back to the Sixers here… who scored 43 first quarter points and only 38 second half points. They often failed to execute anything on offense, turning it over, and in the end really gave the Bucks momentum to ride for the rest of the game; and once Giannis started going, he was scary to even imagine trying to stop.

It was concerning to see the loss of passion and fire from the Sixers over the progression of the game. They came out of the gates firing on all cylinders, hitting their first eleven shots from the floor and took a 23-12 lead. That consistency faded away with the turn of the halves, as the Bucks started their run, the Sixers looked more and more demoralized and frustrated.

Overall, a very solid first half, and an gut wrenchingly bad second half. The Sixers still sit in control of the 6th seed, a half game up on the Bucks.