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Ben Simmons Plays PUBG with Karl-Anthony Towns

What is PUBG?

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Minnesota Timberwolves Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Corrigan, of House of Highlights, does some incredible social media work regarding the Sixers. Last night, he posted this video of Ben Simmons playing the game PUBG:

I don’t know what PUBG is. I assume it’s something similar to Fortnite, the online multiplayer game that the kids are really into these days. But I don’t really care. What’s interesting about the video is:

  1. Ben is playing the game with Karl-Anthony Towns. The person you hear Ben communicating with through his headset is Towns.
  2. Simmons’ player is named “SimmoTheSavage”. This killer is rocking an open flannel, with a chest/abdomen chiseled by the gods themselves, designer jeans, prescription Ray Bans and a pair of fingerless gloves. I’m not sure if you design the character yourself or not in this game.
  3. Ben takes a pretty disrespectful shot at the Atlanta Hawks, which made me genuinely laugh out loud.

Simmons and Towns are debating whether or not to play a round, when Ben wants to confirm whether or not Towns has the time to play and get enough sleep, I’m guessing. Ben asks, “Who you play tomorrow?” KAT replies with the correct answer, “The Hawks.”

Simmons responds with a chuckle - no, a straight up scoff, and then says, “You got plenty of time.” Indicating that the Hawks are currently hot garbage, and minimal preparation is needed to beat them.

I do have a problem with this exchange. Not what Simmons said, I enjoyed that thoroughly. But believe you me, Karl-Anthony Towns needs all the rest he can get. His Timberwolves lost to the 20-54 Memphis Grizzlies on Monday, while the Timberwolves are in a heated battle for playoff positioning, provided they actually make it.

The worst part? The Timberwolves lost despite their best players seeing a massive amount of minutes.

  • Taj Gibson: 43 minutes
  • Andrew Wiggins: 43 minutes
  • Jeff Teague: 42 minutes
  • Karl-Anthony Towns: 39 minutes

Tom Thibodeau is running his players into the ground. Ben Simmons is racking up triple-doubles while playing video games on the late night. Who needs sleep? SimmoTheSavage has brains to splatter and necks to take (looking at you, Atlanta Hawks).

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