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Hornets at Sixers Game Preview and Start Time

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The Sixers take on the Charlotte Hornets tonight at 7 P.M. in Philadelphia — I’ll be tweeting the game live from the Wells Fargo Center!

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers have not played the Hornets in over a year — but they will get a good look at this Kemba Walker led squad, playing them an astonishing four times over the next 30 days!

Starting Lineups

Hornets (28-34)

Last 10

Over the last 10 games:

Offensive Net Rating — 112.16

Defensive Net Rating — 112.81

Net Rating = -0.65

Sixers (33-27)

Last 10

Over the last 10 games:

Offensive Net Rating — 109.89

Defensive Net Rating — 103.88

Net Rating = +6.01

Player-Impact Plus Minus Graph

Information derived from Jacob Goldstein’s Player-Impact Plus Minus model (PIPM), which uses a box-score prior, luck-adjusted on-off data, and luck-adjusted net rating.

(Key: Sixers in Blue | Hornets in Red)

While the Hornets do have six players registering positive offensive Net Ratings, they only have one positive player on defense — former 76er and Rookie of the Year, Michael Carter Williams!

NBA League Rankings Chart

Shot Charts

Matchup Data By Play-Type

(Zoom In)

I created this chart by assembling the play-by-play data from @T1M_NBA’s Excel tool — it illustrates the stylistic tendencies and efficiency of each teams’ respective offense and defense.

Although most of the play-type data for the Sixers offense projects a neutral matchup with the Hornets, it does show that the Sixers are unlikely to have success with handoffs, but could succeed with plays screens.

The Hornets side of the story is much-more telling. Their two most used play-types are expected to play a big part in their efficiency. Spot-Ups & Pick-and-Roll Ball Handler possessions make up 40% of their offense — they are expected to have trouble manufacturing offense from spot-up possessions, but could experience great success scoring with the Pick-and-Roll Ball Handler.

Keeping Kemba Walker in check is always important if you want to beat the Hornets, but tonight this should be an even greater focus for the Sixers defense.

Game Info

Game Time: 7:00 pm EST

TV: NBC Sports Philadelphia

Radio: 97.5 the Fanatic

Vegas: Sixers -4.0

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