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Sixers breeze past Nets, 120-97

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One of the most well rounded games of the season helped the Sixers beat the Nets in Brooklyn.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

The game was never in question. After a rough game against the Miami Heat, the Philadelphia 76ers blew the doors off of the Brooklyn Nets, 120-97. Everything the team does goes through Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and they were both on their game tonight, scoring 21 and 11, respectively. But this game was much more than the two stars, everyone did their job. Each of the starters scored double digits, along with Marco Belinelli, Ersan Ilyasova and T.J. McConnell scoring double digits off of the bench.

Once again, the third quarter was none too friendly to the Sixers, as the Nets chipped away at a sizable lead to make it a six point game, but coach Brett Brown took some much needed timeouts to stall the Nets momentum and it payed off. The lead didn’t shrink any further, and the Sixers went into the fourth quarter up by 13.

The entire fourth quarter looked as if the Sixers were just trying to run out the clock, completely dominating the Nets, watching their lead balloon to 23 points. Baskets were dropping, great defense was being played, Dario Saric even drew a foul! Everything was coming up Philly in this one and it showed.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game was the Sixers and their protection of the basketball, only turning the ball over nine times. Not giving the Nets the extra chances they would need to get back into the game, most of the fourth quarter was a breeze. The Sixers used the three point line to their advantage, going 9-26 from beyond the arc and made sure everyone was involved. Simply put, the Sixers were the better team and they proved it.

Next up for the Sixers is a home matchup against the Indiana Pacers, who they are fighting with for playoff position, on Tuesday. A huge game at the Wells Fargo Center, everyone will need to be playing at the next level in order to get a statement win.

Six(ers) Notes:

  • Joel Embiid didn’t seem tired tonight, but a maintenance day should be in his future just to make sure he’s fresh.
  • Richaun Holmes was the backup center in this game, he didn’t shoot effectively, but the energy he brings can’t be denied. He needs more minutes.
  • Dario Saric is so scrappy down low, it’s nice to finally see him get some foul calls.
  • Robert Covington has been incredibly streaky lately, if he can just find a middle ground to his game he can take the Sixers to the next level.
  • When the Sixers bench is on, they give the team so many different lineups that they can use to create mismatches.
  • A blowout win tonight was perfect timing, no starter played more than 30 minutes. Rest is a necessity during a long season.