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Fultz Update: rehab is “progressing well”, expected to return this season

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Markelle Fultz’ agent, Raymond Brothers, says that Fultz’ rehabilitation is progressing well:

Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz’s agent, Raymond Brothers, told ESPN that his client is progressing well in rehabilitation on his right shoulder and that he expects Fultz to return to the team this season.

”We want to make sure he’s 100 percent and healthy when he does come back,” Brothers told ESPN on Tuesday.

I take this as good but somewhat inconsequential news. Good news because Brothers would not come out and say these things if Markelle’s rehab was going poorly or not producing results. Brothers even went as far as to tell ESPN that “Fultz has been regaining strength and mobility in his right shoulder.” Inconsequential news because Brothers also went on to say that there is currently no timetable for return for Fultz.

It is also notable that Brothers didn’t relay something vague like “Fultz will play basketball again this season.” Brothers told ESPN that Fultz will return to “the team” — i.e., the Sixers. For what it’s worth, Markelle was in attedance for the Sixers’ game in Boston on Christmas day.

There was a point in time when I felt that it might be best for everyone involved if Markelle Fultz was given a shot to revitalize his career elsewhere than Philadelphia. Maybe that might still be the most ideal outcome for Markelle, but I don’t believe it’s a necessity — he’s shown maturity and resiliency during this process, and I don’t see any compelling reason the Sixers should be looked at as an avoid-at-all-cost poison pill by the young and struggling guard (although at times, Philly has certainly made things more difficult for Fultz). As for the Sixers organization, I believe they would be making a mistake to move on from Fultz. The team is incomplete, and it’s a difficult task to identify a roster move that would provide a clear path for the Sixers to reach championship-level potential. That is unless the prospect Washington Markelle Fultz returns to the court for Philadelphia. Having patience for Markelle is the highest potential impact decision Elton Brand and the front office could make at this juncture.

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