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Sixers Trade Extravaganza

Exploring several trade options the Sixers could explore before the trade deadline in February.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Press Conference Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: I don’t know exactly what it would take to acquire each player listed in this article. Perhaps you think the case all values are way off-base, I’d implore to focus on the targets not the trade packages. I don’t know which players those teams would value most, and it would probably take some combination of them to execute some of these trades. These are not trades I’m proposing and subsequently grading — I’m grading the player based on the estimated cost.

Team: Chicago Bulls

Targets: Justin Holiday

Cost: Shamet/Korkmaz + 2nd-RD Draft Pick

Trade/Timeline: Holiday will be an Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA) at the end of the season -- the Sixers would make this trade if they could bring the 30-year-old back on a team-friendly contract for the next couple years.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 12.7
  • 3PA Per 36: 7.7
  • 3P%: 38.1% (35.6% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -0.4 and +1.6
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -0.62

Defensive Acumen:

Long-limbed and limber, Holiday can effectively guard starting-caliber 2s and smaller 3s on a night-to-night basis. Holiday could flourish in the Sixers’ defense, being even more aggressive, knowing he’s backed up by Joel Embiid.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B+

Holiday is a solid wing defender who has improved his game almost every year of his career. If he was relegated to more of a spot-up shooting role on the Sixers, I think his efficiency could improve, making him a non-negative offensive piece. The Sixers would not have to give up many valuable assets to acquire him either, with the added benefit of flexibility, given that he’s an upcoming Free agent.

Team: New York Knicks

Targets: Noah Vonleh

Cost: Justin Patton/Landry Shamet + A. Pasecniks + 2nd Round


Vonleh is another UFA who would be able to play 4 and perhaps Small-Ball 5 on the Sixers. He’s one you’d definitely want to re-sign as he is just 23-years-old, a former Top-10 pick, and seems to be a late-bloomer. It’s possible there’s a team who wants to throw a bunch of money at him, but I could see him wanting to join a perennial contender.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 11.6
  • 3PA Per 36: 2.7
  • 3P%: 42.4% (33% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -1.2 and +0.8
  • Multi-Year PIPM: +0.75

Defensive Acumen:

Vonleh is mobile and his arms go on forever, making him a good matchup vs. slow-footed wings, PFs, and non-dominant bigs. If his defensive IQ continues to improve and he gets more lateral quickness and a little better anticipation, he could become an elite defender.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: A-

If you can avoid a bidding war in the offseason, Vonleh becomes a tremendous addition to your bench. He’s a lottery ticket with terrific upside and minimal downside -- if he can continue to improve his three-point volume and become a little quicker, he will be close to Pascal Siakam, minus the handle.

Team: Washington Wizards

Targets: Markieff Morris/Otto Porter


Porter: Chandler + Fultz + Miami 2021 (3-Team with Suns)

Morris: Chandler + 2nd


Both players make sense to sign long-term. I wrote an article specifically about Otto Porter, so the rest of this section will focus on Morris. I will include Porter’s stats for reference.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 15.8 (Porter: 14.3)
  • 3PA Per 36: 5.9 (Porter: 4.6)
  • 3P%: 34.7% (33.9% career) (Porter: 36.8% and 40.1% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -2.3 and -0.3 (Porter: Between 2.7 and 4.7)
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -0.68 (Porter: 2.60)

Defensive Acumen:

Morris fits the cliche “junkyard dog” quite well -- he’s nasty, aggressive, physical, and an overall large presence on the floor. He’s not Speedy Gonzalez in transition or the best switching onto guards, but don’t think many players are going to use physicality to get to their spots and have success versus Morris. He can guard most 3s and 4s at a decent level.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B-

Markieff Morris will probably get a little less than his brother Marcus this offseason, but somewhere between $9 and $12M makes sense. This would probably be your main 4th guy at the price, which makes me a little hesitant to jump fully on-board the Morris train.

Team: Miami Heat

Targets: Kelly Olynyk

Cost: Chandler + 1st Round (MIA 2021)


Olynyk was recently offered by the Heat as part of a package (with Josh Richardson) to acquire Jimmy Butler, who ultimately went to Philadelphia. That tidbit, coupled with the fact that he’s playing just 20 minutes per game, indicates that the Heat may be willing to part with Olynyk, who has 2 years left on his contract after this season, averaging nearly $13M/year against the cap.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 17.6
  • 3PA Per 36: 7.6
  • 3P%: 35.9% (36.9% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -0.32 and +1.68
  • Multi-Year PIPM: 1.60

Defensive Acumen:

Olynyk competes against anyone, but it best suited to guard stretch-4s. He can switch onto some 3s and some 5s without looking foolish, but more athletic players you’ll see in the playoffs might give him trouble. He has length and a solid defensive IQ, so you feel pretty comfortable with him playing 28 minutes a game.

NBA: Miami Heat at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B

He’s a little pricey but a good player who fills the 4 spot nicely on the Sixers — should improve defensive rebounding and weak-side rim protection if he wants to be a valuable playoff contributor.

Team: Orlando Magic

Targets: Terrence Ross OR Jonathon Simmons

Cost: Markelle Fultz


Ross is a UFA and Simmons only has $1M guaranteed next season. The Sixers would have flexibility if they acquired either of these wings. Ross will cost slightly more than Simmons on the open market and I will focus on him for this section.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 19.8
  • 3PA Per 36: 7.7
  • 3P%: 39.6% (37.3% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -2.3 and -0.3
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -0.88

Defensive Acumen:

Terrance Ross was a poor defender early in his career, but with some added experience he has improved to adequate. He’s never going to be able to defend star wings, but he can defend combo guards at a decent level.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: C+

If you trade Fultz, ideally you want an asset that is appealing to re-sign and Ross is not quite that, despite his improved three-point shooting. If Brett Brown was convinced he teach Ross discipline on both ends of the floor, he could materialize into a solid acquisition, but his price-tag makes that unlikely.

Team: Detroit Pistons

Targets: Reggie Bullock/Langston Galloway/Stanley Johnson

Cost: Markelle Fultz

Trade/Timeline: The Pistons have shown interest in Fultz and would give up one of their wing players. The Sixers could go for youth and defense with Johnson, bench scoring with Galloway, or a ‘Homeless-Man’s” Covington in Bullock. All three would cost you less than $8M/year over the next few seasons. The most cost-controlled option, Reggie Bullock, will be the focus of the rest of this section.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 13.1
  • 3PA Per 36: 6.9
  • 3P%: 35.6 (39.5% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -1.3 and +0.7
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -0.04

Defensive Acumen:

Bullock is an active defender with a legitimate NBA wing body. He can comfortably guard most 2s and 3s in the league and would fit quite well in the Sixers scheme. He’s probably going to a piece off the bench who bolsters your defensive wing depth, which is especially helpful in the playoffs.

NBA: New York Knicks at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B

This would be selling Fultz for cents on a dollar and the grade does not reflect this sunk cost. The grade reflects the fact that I think Bullock is one of the most sensible players to add to the Sixers roster in the NBA, among those who cost less than $5M/year.

Team: Phoenix Suns

Targets: Josh Jackson

Cost: Markelle Fultz

Trade/Timeline: One potential bust for another. The Suns need an exciting PG for the future and the Sixers need cap relief. Jackson could be brought back for $7M on a Team Option, traded again, or waived to clear cap space.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 15.0
  • 3PA Per 36: 4.0
  • 3P%: 28.2% (26.7% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -5 and -3
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -3.73

Defensive Acumen:

Jackson will be a very good defender in his career takes a healthy upturn. He started off in one of the worst organizations possible, but he has the tools to succeed on defense. Unlike Andrew Wiggins, he also has the drive to make an impact on that end. He’s raw, but with the proper development, could become a feared defender who can switch 2 through 4 without issue.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B-

I like the flexibility of this trade, allowing you to see if Jackson has potential on a true contender while maintaining the ability to clear the books if need be. He just has a long way to go, like Fultz.

Team: Utah Jazz

Targets: Thabo Sefolosha

Cost: Cash Considerations + Trade Exception OR A. Pasecniks

Trade/Timeline: Sefolosha is pretty much the odd-man-out in Utah’s wing rotation, with Ingles, Crowder, Korver, and O’Neale all receiving more minutes. He’s been a solid wing defender for a decade and with his limited role of late, I think he still has some gas left in the tank. You give up essentially nothing to improve your wing defense, which is a specific area that Elton Brand highlighted in recent interviews.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 7.9
  • 3PA Per 36: 2.8
  • 3P%: 35.7 (34.7% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -0.7 and +1.3
  • Multi-Year PIPM: +0.37

Defensive Acumen:

Can guards 2s and 3s for about 15 minutes a game at a high-level, works well with the heavy-switching scheme.

NBA: Miami Heat at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B+

You’re potentially getting something for nothing, which is never bad.

Team: Charlotte Hornets

Targets: Willy Hernangomez

Cost: A. Pasecniks/F. Korkmaz + 2nd OR Trade Exception

Trade/Timeline: Hernangomez does not garner much PT and the backcourt is log-jammed in Charlotte, they may be interested in adding a shooter like A. Pasecniks or a future 2nd.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 7.9
  • 3PA Per 36: 2.8
  • 3P%: 35.7 (34.7% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -1.0 and +1.0
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -0.23

Defensive Acumen:

Willy is a mediocre defender, buoyed by the fact that he’s every inch of 7-foot-1. He has a seemingly high basketball IQ, which he brought over from Euroleague, which helps him understand angles and the nuances of things like Pick-and-Roll defense.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B+

Charlotte is already paying $30M/year between Zeller and Biyombo, so Hernangomez has failed to get many minutes. He’s non-guaranteed next year and could be brought back for cheap, giving you a pace-and-space 5 who can defend OK off-the-bench.

Team: Indiana Pacers

Targets: Cory Joseph OR Darren Collison

Cost: A. Pasecniks + Salary Filler (Exception/Patton)

Trade/Timeline: The Sixers need a backup PG and the Pacers are shopping one of these two, noting they want to develop Aaron Holiday. Both are FAs who will make around $10M/year in subsequent seasons, which is a fair price, especially for Joseph, who I will focus on for the rest of the section.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 10.4
  • 3PA Per 36: 3.1
  • 3P%: 40.0% (33.7% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -1.1 and +0.9
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -0.82

Defensive Acumen:

Joseph is an 8-year NBA veteran who plays like a 15-year veteran -- he has good awareness, instincts, is efficient in his movement, and generally avoids defensive breakdowns. He can guard the slower PGs and combo guards an adequate level.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Sacramento Kings Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: B-

These guys are not that cheap, but they are rock-solid veterans who have shown consistency. I’m not sure acquiring either of them moves the needle, but if you can get an expiring contract with the option of bringing them back while going over the cap, it’s not all doom-and-gloom.

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Targets: Rodney Hood

Cost: Cash Considerations + Trade Exception


Hood costs just $3.4M this year and the Sixers could decide if they want to bring him back cheap for subsequent years -- rewind a year and a half, Hood was a promising wing garnering minutes on a quality Jazz team.


  • Points Per 36 Minutes: 16.7
  • 3PA Per 36: 4.4 (7.4 last season)
  • 3P%: 37.9% (36.9% career)
  • 2-year RPM: Between -5.23 and -3.23
  • Multi-Year PIPM: -1.55

Defensive Acumen:

Hood is not a good wing defender by any stretch of the imagination. Despite his length, he doesn’t play like a big wing. He doesn’t move that well laterally and can’t/won’t challenge shots at the rim. I think he could become less of a liability than Redick is on the defensive end, but that would be with some work.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: C

Hood is a skilled shooter who would come cheap and helps the Sixers wing depth, providing a little more resistance than A. Pasecniks on the defensive end. He has major deficiencies in his game but has shown success in the past with better teammates, more lineup continuity and superior coaching.

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