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Video: Allen Iverson interview on the state of the NBA, the shooting sleeve, MJ and more

Iverson joined Speedy Morman of Complex for an interview on all sorts of topics.

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Iverson recently sat down with Speedy Morman of Complex for an interview on everything from AI’s sneakers to Biggie Smalls to MJ and more:

Morman asked for AI’s opinion on super teams, to which Iverson replies:

The cloth that I was cut from, and my mentality, my thinking, was “Okay I’m the superstar, I’m the franchise player. I got teammates. When you look at it, all 11 other guys are NBA players. So when you call this guy, the 12th man on the bench, when you call him a bum, he can go outside and play 5-on-5 and kill. And the way I thought was, for the first time in my life, I’m playing with four other pros.

My tenure in Philadelphia, I had an All-Star one time, that was Dikembe. That was the first time. And I never imagined or even thought about, “Man I want to play with this person, I want to play with that person.” Because why would you think like that if it’s not even going to happen? I want to play with these guys that I play with. At one point, when we went to the Finals, I thought we were the toughest team in the league. The Lakers were a better team, the Lakers were more talented. But coach put me in a position, and my teammates would tell me you go out here and you do what you do on offense, and we’ll make up for the flaws that you have. And that’s what they did.

Never change, Allen.

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