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Liberty Ballers Nightcap: Muscala doubtful vs. IND, Chandler to LAL, NBA Scores

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sixers News

According to Sarah Todd of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mike Muscala has been listed as doubtful for tomorrow night’s Sixers game against the Indiana Pacers:

Not great! To make matters worse, Robert Covington was listed as questionable for tomorrow’s game with lower back soreness.

NBA News

The Los Angeles Lakers have signed Tyson Chandler, according to a team report. Chandler is nothing more than a second unit center these days, if that, and so this signing isn’t exactly landscape-shifting stuff. But LA hasn’t lived up to expectations, and it has long been speculated that if LeBron gets upset with the team’s performance, he’ll start making ill-advised demands. Chandler’s signing probably won’t have too much of an effect one way or the other, but it definitely seems like a LeBron frustration move.

Tweet of the Night

Me thinks Nate has bigger things to worry about, Jilly.

NBA Scores (box score linked)

Hornets 113, Hawks 102

Mavericks 119, Wizards 100

  • The Wizards are an all-out shit show. John Wall’s contract is nearly untradeable. There’s no hard evidence to suggest Beal is going to be moved, but I’m going to fantasize about Beal in a Sixers uniform from now until the trade deadline.

On Now

Nets @ Suns

Bucks @ Trail Blazers

Today on Liberty Ballers

I wrote about Dario Saric’s slow start:

Given the law of averages and what we know of Dario’s month-to-month splits, I propose a hypothesis: Saric will shoot the ball better as the season progresses. Bold, I know. But an important question arises: how much better? Will Dario trend toward the near 50/40/90 shooter he appeared to be pacing last season, or will Dario settle in as the 40/30/80 shooter of his rookie year? Because the former alone will do wonders for the Sixers’ offense in returning to the top-third-of-the-league efficiency of 2017-2018, while the latter is insignificant (or of negative value) to a championship-caliber roster.

Adio Royster discussed a range of potential Sixers’ trade targets:

Justin Holiday, G, Chicago Bulls

Remaining contract: one-year, $4.4 million

Let’s start small. Justin is the eldest Holiday brother in the NBA. I have a personal love for Jrue Holiday. His trade kicked off “The Process”, so I am forever in gratitude. Justin has been kicked around the NBA playing for five teams in six years. (He’s doing his second shift with the Bulls.)

Last year, he started 72 games for Chicago and scored 12 points a game shooting 36% from three. This year, that number is above 40% after 11 games. He’s a wing shooter, plain and simple.

Grandma Helen published Edition #71 of the Attic.

What I’m Drinking: Union Craft Brewing’s Duckpin Pale Ale - I live in the Baltimore area nowadays. Duckpin is a local favorite and I’ve been sold. Duckpin is light for a pale ale, but still has a ton of flavor. It’s very drinkable, and I often find myself consuming more than I planned... 4/5.

What I’m watching: Duke vs. Kentucky. Zion Williamson is a freak of nature, and I envy the future NBA fan base who will take him in as their own.

What I’m listening to: Uncover: Escaping NXIVM - I stumbled across Escaping NXIVM just yesterday, and I’m already on episode 7. I had vaguely remembered hearing about NXIVM in the past thanks to a New York Times report, and maybe you do to. NXIVM was known as a self-help/way of life movement to some, a multi-level marketing scheme to others, and a sex-cult to the FBI. Uncover: Escaping NXIVM follows the story of Sarah Edmondson, a NXIVM defector and whistle-blower who had spent 12 years with the group. Stories of masters and slaves, human brandings and billionaire heiresses ensue. But maybe what I found most interesting was the sixth episode, in which the lawyer of Keith Raniere (Raniere is/was NXIVM’s founder and leader) tells Ranieri’s side of the story. Ranieri’s lawyer is Marc Agnifilo, who also served on Martin Shkreli’s defense team. I find the work of a good defense attorney to be fascinating.

What I’m reading: Ben Thompson’s Stratechery - I’ve actually been on a bit of a hiatus from Stratechery, due to an increase in how busy I’ve been the last few weeks and Ben’s articles being lengthy. But I recommend it to anyone with a curiosity for the tech or media industry. I plan to read Ben’s most recent article after concluding this post.

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