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Grandma Helen’s Attic, Edition #71: Sixers and NBA links

Last week, we finally debuted Grandma Helen’s Attic on the front page of Liberty Ballers. If you’re still unfamiliar with the Attic, Grandma Helen lays out a brief description with every post:

Grandma Helen’s Attic is a collection of basketball related links, video’s, article excerpts, commentary, interesting tweets, breaking news and the occasional off topic post of funny or topical material (I’ll do my best to stay away from politics).

As long as each edition of this ongoing series gets enough RECS (usually 3) to moved to the RECOMMENDED List, I will continue to produce new editions. The purpose of this is not only to gauge interest, but to increase the duration of easy access availability of each edition from the LB website.

You can REC this Fanpost by logging onto Liberty Ballers and clicking on the green tab just below this Attic Edition header. The tab says REC.

Warning: Grandma Helen’s Attic is highly addictive.

Today, I bring you more news regarding the Attic. First, there’s a new edition (#71) of Grandma Helen’s Attic. You can check it out here. The second piece of news is a bit more exciting, at least for me.

On the top of every Liberty Ballers page is a navigation toolbar:

And on that navigation toolbar, you’ll notice a “Sections” link to a drop-down menu. The problem with the sections under this drop-down menu is that they haven’t been updated since before I was at Liberty Ballers. So sections like “Liberty Beat” and “Win Shares” link to nothing but a “404 - Not Found” page.

However, in incorporating Grandma Helen’s Attic with the front page, I made it a mission to figure how to update those sections. And I’m happy to announce that I’ve figured out formatting the sections and the links within the drop-down menu. As a matter of fact, if you scroll over to “Sections” right now, you’ll see that Grandma Helen’s Attic has a successful link to its section:

So from now on, you can actually access the section for Grandma Helen’s Attic directly from the navigation toolbar. Splendid!

Now that we’ve successfully figured out updating the toolbar, we’ll be adding in new sections over the coming weeks to make navigating the site, sections and archives much easier.

Anyways, don’t forget to check out the Attic. Grandma Helen works hard to give you all the Sixers links your eyes and ears can handle.

Link: Grandma Helen’s Attic, Edition #71

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