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Fultz Update: Sources Not Expecting Fultz Back with the Sixers, Considering New Fits

Today we received some updates from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on the Markelle Fultz situation.

It sounds like there may be more doctor visits than we originally expected, and this process, (where the former number one overall pick from Washington is inactive in Sixers’ lineups) could drag on.

To this end Liberty Ballers has learned that there are those close to the situation who do not expect Fultz to play for the Philadelphia 76ers again. This could change of course, but there is an expectation now that the process of exploring different doctors’ opinions could continue and that the next time Fultz plays in an NBA game will more than likely be for a new team.

Our sources confirm that Fultz is open to a change of teams but has not made any demands and that some of what has been recently reported has come from others in his camp, and not Fultz himself.

Teams that might be good fits that have been discussed include the Phoenix Suns, the Orlando Magic, and the New York Knicks. Additionally, there have been overtures made by teams who are curious to learn if indeed Fultz would be open to a new situation.

It was made clear that Fultz continues to focus on learning everything he can about his health, and continuing to develop as a player, while maintaining support for his teammates throughout his difficult situation.

If he does not return to the lineup it would contradict the team’s expectation, per the ESPN report that:

“The Sixers (14-8) continue to expect that Fultz will return to the team and reclaim a role off the bench, sources said.”

It’s a situation with seemingly infinite plot twists, and with key trade eligibility dates looming in mid December and mid January, not one that will likely resolve right away. But it’s fair to at least wonder if Fultz has already played his last game in red, white, and blue.

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