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Jimmy Butler Press Conference: Live Updates

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Minnesota Timberwolves Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler’s introductory press conference is underway, and though we’ve missed out on posting the opening statements, we will be providing live updates of Jimmy’s comments.

Butler on the defensive potential of Butler, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid:

I like the way they’re able to switch at any given time. They get the game on a metnal level, and when you have that the defense is going to come, it’s going to be easy.

Elton Brand on long term plans:

We hope he sees a fit here. We hope we see the fit there. We know what kind of talent he is, he’s a superstar player. We hope to have those conversations but not yet.

Butler on his offensive fit:

Offense is easy. you shoot the ball when your open. If you can drive it, you drive it. If not, you pass it.

Butler’s reaction to [Simmons, Embiid and Butler] being called a big 3:

I like the sound of it. It sounds really good. Now we just have to go out there and make it happen. Talk is just alk. Hopefully it ends with a happy ending... But when guys get out there who know how to play basketball, which the guys on this roster do, it falls into place.

Butler on the importance of a title:

That’s above any and everything. MVPs are great, scoring titles are great, Defensive Player of the Years are great. But that trophy getting that ring, knowing that at that point in time, you’re the best team in the world, that’s special... That’s the goal, that will always be the goal.

More from Butler on the Sixers offense:

It’s different. I had the ball a lot [in Minnesota], but that doesn’t mean I can’t fit here. There’s more than one way to get the ball and the way these guys play, sharing the ball, setting screens... that’s easier than having to create all the time in an iso situation.

Elton Brand on Butler’s locker room presence:

In the locker room, they loved him. On the court, he’s demanding he wants to win. I can deal with that, the organization can deal with that, our players can deal with that, because they want to win.... “He pushed me to be better” was what I was hearing.

Butler on something fans don’t know about him:

I don’t do much, to tell you the truth. I love dominoes, I do that more often than anything. Some cards. Still love country music. Still do drive a minivan.

Butler on the Philly fanbase:

I like the fact that they like people who grind, who go hard. That’s what I’ve always built my basketball talents off of. I’ll tell you now I’m not the most talented guy.. I just play hard. I really take great pride in knowing that I’m in control of my own destiny when it comes to being out there on the basketball court... I think this city is going to love that about me.

Butler says things just didn’t work out in Minnesota.

Jimmy did a little bit of ball busting on Justin Patton, as Patton asked a reporter to repeat her question because he forgot what it was. Friendly stuff.

11:34 pm: That’ll do it for Jimmy’s presser. Brief and generic, nothing too notable.

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