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Turning Points: Sixers vs. Raptors

Most post-game recaps will give a multitude of significant reasons or crucial plays that turned the tides of the game — I wanted to do a more granular breakdown of how the Sixers lost to the Raptors.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

Sixers down 11-12, (-4 Stretch)

Amir Johnson blocked & then next possession commits offensive foul. JJ doesn’t box out Danny Green, who gets offensive rebound & putback.

Sixers down 11-16.

Sixers down 24-28. (-4 Stretch)

Embiid flagrant offensive foul, Valanciunas 2 free throws, flagrant keeps possession, then hits jump hook. Muscala free throws before before C.J. Miles three.

Sixers down 26-35.

2nd Quarter

Sixers down 35-40. (-8 Stretch)

Embiid helps on Leonard, Valancinuas bounces in corner 3. Embiid misses pullup. Covington misses 3. Shamet goes under screen & Delon Wright hits three. Simmons can’t establish post position, pass forced inside and fumbled for TO. Muscala bricks three top of key. Simmons blocked by Ibaka. Saric makes floater, but gives layup back to Siakam. Amir Johnson bricks 3, then Simmons and Amir fumble away pass, Delon Wright gets dunk.

Sixers down 37-50

3rd Quarter

Sixers down 63-77. (-12 Stretch)

Dario missed layup. Embiid fouls cutting Ibaka for 2 FTs. Simmons and Siakam trade layups. Embiid fouls Leonard who makes 2 FTs. Saric makes a 3, but immediately gives And-1 on Siakam post-up. Saric, Muscala and Covington then miss 3s, Kawhi gets another layup. Covington misses 3 leading to Leonard fastbreak And-1. Simmons charges, then Lowry hits a 3.

Sixers down 68-94

4th Quarter

Sixers down 111-117. (-12 Stretch)

Embiid and Covington collapse on Kawhi drive, kicks to free throw for Ibaka jumper. Simmons airballs fadeaway jump hook, Embiid kicks to Redick who misses corner 3. Simmons aimlessly dribbles and turns it over for 10th time, leads to Siakam And-1. Ibaka rebounds missed free throw and Leonard hits 3. Fultz misses pullup but Leonard does not.

Sixers down 111-129


Joel Embiid — 6.5/10 (Valancinuas ate tired Joel alive in short minutes , couldn’t dominate Ibaka )

Ben Simmons — 4.5/10 (Turnover explosion, couldn’t limit Kawhi)

Robert Covington — 7.5/10 (Good perimeter D and hit 3s)

Markelle Fultz — 4/10 (Couldn’t hit shots or provide defensive impact)

Dario Saric — 2.5/10 (Absolutely eviscerated by Siakam on both sides)

JJ Redick — 5.5/10 (Couldn’t get hot)

Amir Johnson — 4.5/10 (Turnover brigade with no shooting)

Mike Muscala — 4/10 (Poor defense)

Landry Shamet — 3.5/10 (Very bad individual defense)

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