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Back to back games aren’t fun, Sixers fall to the Bucks 123-108

Another nationally televised game, another loss

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A game in which the Sixers looked to get back on track after an up and down first four games, the Sixers couldn’t come up with the win, falling to the Bucks 123-108. Ben Simmons returned for tonight’s game after missing last night’s contest against the Pistons with back tightness, but he wasn’t super effective given the strong defense he went up against.

A tough Milwaukee Bucks team made life difficult all night for the entire Sixers roster, forcing contested shots and turnovers at a high rate. You can make excuses for the team, saying that they are playing the second game of a back to back, but winning teams do not make those excuses. The Sixers were outplayed tonight, simple as that.

No one really stood out in this game, yes Ben Simmons had another triple-double (14-13-11) and Joel Embiid has a cool 30-19-6 stat line, but the entire team felt off for most of the game. Dario Saric has been a non factor all year, Robert Covington kept up his role of being a good defender and streaky shooter, and the bench had nice flashes but nothing of real substance.

The Bucks were lead by the three headed monster of Giannis Antetokounmpo (32-18-10), Khris Middleton (25-4-4), and you guess it, Brook Lopez (21 points, 5-11 from deep) to carry the load against a Sixers defense that looked like they wanted no parts of this game. While it was no 50 point performance, it was a more of the death by slow torture approach, as it was unknown who would beat the Sixers at what time with each of the three stepping up in different situations.

Markelle Fultz’s playing time has been a point of discussion lately, and tonight we got to see him play a solid portion of the second half. Fultz played a total of 27 minutes in the contest, but the extra playing time didn't translate into better stats. For most of the game he was an afterthought, shooting 2-6 from the field. On the bright side he did hit his only three point attempt of the night. Baby steps everyone.

This was a bad loss, the team looked off tonight and it showed, simple as that. The good thing? There are still 77 more games to be played. Things need to be fixed, one of the biggest concerns so far is Brett Brown’s curious decision making when it comes to his lineups, but it will get there. A long season with plenty of games to be played, there can’t possibly be people overreacting to losses this early on...right?

Next up for the Sixers are the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday, October 27th back in Philadelphia at 7:30 PM EST.

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