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Liberty Ballers Community Rankings: Markelle Fultz

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Liberty Ballers is asking for the community’s help in ranking the Sixers’ full roster (12 active players, 3 inactive players, 2 two-way players) according to on-court value for the upcoming season. When casting a vote, you should concern yourself only with each player’s ability to contribute to winning this season. You can find the original post here, which includes the Sixers’ projected final roster.

Welcome back to the Liberty Ballers community rankings of the Sixers roster. Since our last vote, we’ve actually got real basketball to make judgements off of. In the most most recent round of voting, we asked you who would be the 6th most valuable player to Philly this season, and the community landed on Markelle Fultz, with Fultz receiving 68% of the vote.

Markelle Fultz

The projected value of Markelle Fultz for this season has been discussed ad nauseum, so I’ll keep this short and to the point. Ranking Fultz at 6th is quite the optimistic view. I’m typically an optimist when it comes to Sixers basketball, but for me, the sky is falling right now in regards to ‘Kelle. I’m very, very, very alarmed by what I’ve seen from Fultz. I even tweeted out the other night, after a single game, that he has nothing to offer the Sixers — don’t tweet and drink folks. Too many IPAs aside, there was honesty in my cry of “wolf!”. I don’t think fans have acknowledged the dire circumstances of Markelle’s situation.

He’s not a promising prospect who just needs to find confidence and consistency. As Liberty Ballers community member theanonymousduck has put it in the past, Markelle is just another young point guard who can’t shoot — and those are dime a dozen. It’s one thing coming into this league like a De’Aaron Fox, another point guard with questionable shooting. The difference between Fox and Fultz though, is that Fox was drafted along with the knowledge that he may not become a good shooter, but that he had other skills that will translate. Fultz, on the other hand, was drafted to score, and now he can’t. It’s really that simple. The skillset he was drafted for, the reason he was a #1 overall prospect? It’s gone. Poof.

I know, I know. I get it. “We’ve seen two games. He’s young. Point guards take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day!” But I’m nervous. I wake up in a cold sweat at night. I’m rooting for Markelle, honestly I really like the kid. But I’m skeptical. I hope I’m dead wrong by this time next year — nothing would make me happier as a fan. All of my pessimism aside, even if Markelle provides hope and security, it’s hard to imagine he’s a positive this season. Ranking him 6th is blind optimism

Sixers Community Rankings

Rank Player Vote percentage Runner-up Runner up vote % 3rd 3rd vote %
Rank Player Vote percentage Runner-up Runner up vote % 3rd 3rd vote %
17 Demetrius Jackson 41% Jerryd Bayless 29% Furkan Korkmaz 10%
16 Jerryd Bayless 29% Demetrius Jackon (leading vote getter) 32% Shake Milton 22%
15 Shake Milton 81% Jonah Bolden 8% Zhaire Smith 4%
14 Jonah Bolden 69% Zhaire Smith 17% Furkan Korkmaz 12%
13 Zhaire Smith 39% Furkan Korkmaz 37% Amir Johnson 8%
12 Furkan Korkmaz 64% Amir Johnson 11% Landry Shamet 11%
11 Landry Shamet 30% Amir Johnson 26% Mike Muscala 21%
10 Amir Johnson 43% Mike Muscala 35% TJ McConnell 17%
9 Mike Muscala 55% TJ McConnell 26% Wilson Chandler 15%
8 TJ McConnell 53% Wilson Chandler 37% Markelle Fultz 11%
7 Wilson Chandler 82% Markelle Fultz 15% Redick/Saric/Covington 1% each
6 Markelle Fultz 68% JJ Redick 20% Robert Covington 7%

Vote for #5


Who will be the Sixers 5th most valuable play this season?

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  • 52%
    JJ Redick
    (332 votes)
  • 31%
    Dario Saric
    (199 votes)
  • 16%
    Robert Covington
    (104 votes)
635 votes total Vote Now

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