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Meet the Gang: Liberty Ballers Edition

Meet your cast of writers who will lead you through another Sixers season!

Philadelphia 76ers Media Day Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

A new season of basketball brings new faces, and not just on the court. Here at Liberty Ballers we have a revamped roster, ready to bring you great coverage all season long. So without further ado, here are your 2018-19 Liberty Ballers contributors!

Sean O’Connor

Sean has been with Liberty Ballers since the very beginning of The Process. Now that he can’t cover the team on a daily basis he likes to focus on topics that dive fully into and write long pieces on. In the past he’s written about the salary cap and team construction, even adding in the occasional fake oral history and angry rant. Sean now finally has the chance to write about a successful team and is looking forward to the opportunity.

Kevin Rice

A junior at Temple University majoring in Media Studies and Production, Kevin is the self proclaimed president of the Ish Smith Fan Club. He even loves the former Sixer so much he compares his pick-up game to “a combo of post-knee-injury Shaun Livingston and Ish Smith without the handle”. Kevin is most known for his coverage of the overseas players that the Sixers have the draft rights to as well as some offbeat articles like “The Ish Smith Story”, “The Sixers as Avengers” or “Sixers Street Fight”. The reason Kevin is writing for Liberty Ballers is because of his love for the site and its readers, and he can’t wait for another great year, even if he is watching from Rome during his semester abroad.

Adio Royster

Like Will Smith, Adio is from West Philadelphia, born and raised. A graduate from San Diego State University, Adio lived in California for ten years before moving back to the City of Brotherly Love in 2013. He believes that Liberty Ballers has had the best Sixers coverage for years, and he wanted to be apart of giving fans great content, that is why he writes for the site. His writing style includes game coverage with a twist, adding in obscure movie quotes and nerd references whenever given the opportunity, and yes that means even the occasional Dungeons and Dragons reference. A successful 52-54 win season with a trip to the playoffs is in store for the Sixers says Adio, especially if fans can stop hating on his favorite Process Sixer, Lord Robert Covington.

Tyler Monahan

I am a junior at Montclair State University majoring in Communications and Media Arts and love being one of the few Philadelphia fans on my campus in North Jersey. I am the Sports Director at my schools radio station and also do play by play and color commentary for the football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball teams. I’m writing for Liberty Ballers because I wanted to get more in touch with my favorite sport, getting to meet tons of incredible writers has been such a great bonus. I like working on opinion pieces that I hope resonate with the average fan and now will be starting to get more in depth with research and scouting on the NBA Draft and its prospects throughout the basketball season. I hope to make my favorite Process Sixer, K.J. McDaniels proud and hope all of you enjoy my work.

Andrew Patton

Andrew is one of Liberty Ballers newest members. Having spent the past few years in corporate scientific consulting, he is now working on his PhD at Johns Hopkins University. His goal for the site is to provide some creative data analysis and visualizations based on publicly accessible NBA data. Andrew wants to fill the gap between reading box scores and proprietary team analytics. His favorite Process Sixer is Nik Stauskas and he is ready for another season ending with playoff basketball.

Sohil Doshi

Starting out as a regular in the comment section, Sohil worked his way up to a normal contributor and has now been with Liberty Ballers for close to 10 years. Starting out covering his favorite Process Sixers like JaKarr Sampson and Brandon Davies to now covering Simmons and Embiid, it is a nice change of pace. Working in the medical field the last few years, Sohil now focuses on game coverage and breaking news pieces when he can. In the future he hopes to write more adjacent pieces on the team while watching them make it to the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

Emily Anderson

Emily is an occupational therapy graduate student living in Philadelphia. If you see her around the city you can most likely see her hanging out with her dog or at a Sixers game. Emily generally writes game recaps for the site, but sometimes writes features or other news articles. A lifelong Sixers fan (her first AIM screen name was sixersgrl7), the team captured her attention at the height of The Process, she bought season tickets and hasn't looked back. Her favorite Sixer, processor or not, is Robert Covington because of his underdog story and what he means to the team. Emily hopes that Covington can help the team meet expectations this year, but whether they do or not, she will be rooting for them regardless.

Steve Lipman

Another one of the new members here at Liberty Ballers, Steve a lifelong Sixers fan living in New York City, working as an actor and stand up comedian. The reason Steve became enticed to the site is because he feels like the tone of writing is exactly the way that fans talk about the team to their friends, something that he is happy to now be a part of. In the future, Steve wants to work on player-centric features, deep dives into particular games, and “figuring out analogies between Sixers of past and present and the cast of Floribama Shore”. A trip to the Eastern Conference Finals is in store for the Sixers if Steve’s favorite Processor, Joel Embiid can take another step towards taking over the NBA, as we all hope.

Greg Melo

Growing up just outside of Philadelphia, Greg has been a lifelong Sixers fan. The entire Process is the reason why Greg wanted to start writing about the Sixers, mainly the team building aspect of the franchise. Right now he is attending Northwestern University studying sports writing, but he still is able to pump out articles when he has the time, mainly focusing on roster construction and team rotations. Tony Wroten is his favorite Process Sixer and he hopes for another strong season from the young core, ending the season at a projected 51-31.

Sean Kennedy

A lifelong Philadelphia native, Sean got his start in writing with his own blog in 2013. Following all of the madness that was The Process, he began writing for Fan Rag Sports and eventually transitioned into a member of the Liberty Ballers family this past spring. Since joining the LB brand, Sean has become the Deputy Editor of the site, and continues to put out great articles featuring tons of analytics and stats. A heated three way battle between Philadelphia, Toronto and Boston many be on the horizon for the Sixers this year, but Sean’s head believes Boston may be too big of a road block, at least this year. But, whatever the season has in store for fans, Sean is excited to cover the (hopefully frequent) ups and (occasional) downs alongside this terrific LB community!

Brian Murphy

Brian is the latest hire by Liberty Ballers, and while his twitter follows may be low (let’s change that, @Bri__Man), his basketball intelligence sure isn’t. He likes to keep a positive outlook on the team even if fans can be quite the opposite at times, and his articles will reflect that. In the future you can read Brian’s opinion pieces that use a combination of analytics and film breakdown. A collector of Process memorabilia, Brian has the locker name plate to all-time Sixer Alexey Shved, but he won’t let you forget his favorite Process Sixer is St. Joes own, Ronald Roberts Jr., even if it is only for his pre-game dunks.

Hannah Riden

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA (no she’s not Amish), Hannah attended Penn State University where she fell in love with the idea of merging sports and communications as a career. Upon graduating, Hannah had the most amazing stint in New York City working for MSG Networks before an abrupt trade landed her in Orlando, where she currently works for the Golf Channel and is diving in to her first full season with Liberty Ballers. Hannah is pursuing a career in feature producing and reporter, so she enjoys writing humanistic pieces and speaking upon topics that span far beyond just the stats.

Tom West

Liberty Ballers writers may be scattered all over the United States, but now the site also has a member from across the pond. Tom lives in England, and after years of suffering through slow and tiresome football games (yes, soccer, but he’s keeping the real name) he turned his attention towards basketball in 2012. Over the last few years the Sixers have really caught Tom’s eye, how couldn’t they? With Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons leading the team to new heights, this was the perfect team for him. Writing for Liberty Ballers has given Tom the opportunity to focus in on one team and join the passionate LB community when he started this past April. Now in his first full season with the site, he’ll be posting content such as film breakdowns and analysis of the team and its players, plenty of video stuff on Twitter, columns on my high hopes for Markelle Fultz and his up-and-coming jumper.

Justin Carter

A PhD student at the University of North Texas studying English and Creative Writing, Justin loves giving his thoughts on anything basketball. Besides writing for Liberty Ballers he also writes for Nets Republic as a Nets writer and RotoBaller as a fantasy writer and you can always talk to him about anything and everything on Twitter (@juscarts). Growing up close to Houston made Justin a lifelong Rockets fan, but the hiring of Sam Hinkie by the Sixers made the team a very close second. Now writing for Liberty Ballers, Justin has a newfound enjoyment in postgame breakdowns where he can really dive deep into game action and what it all means, along with that he also enjoys breaking down games through video.

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