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Watch Joel Embiid Star in go90’s “The 5th Quarter” Episode: “The Processor”

JoJo makes his extremely gif-able webseries debut.

Way back in October, we told you about Joel Embiid’s acting role in go90’s “The 5th Quarter,” a mockumentary web-series telling “greatest untold and untrue stories in sports history.” Joel’s episode, “The Processor” is the first episode of season three. Here it is below:

And because we couldn’t resist, here’s some gifs:

We also spoke to showrunner and producer Michael D. Ratner (below with Embiid), who previously worked on the Netflix documentary “One in a Billion” and is currently working on a project with Kevin Hart.

Here’s some of what Ratner told us:

  • They had talked to Joel about possible doing something last year, but it was important for JoJo that he focused on getting on the court.
  • “Some episodes are like ‘insert athlete here,’” Ratner said, but ‘The Processor’ was built around Joel.
  • The Nerlens Noel cameo came about during the summer (when Joel’s parts were also filmed). Nerlens was already playing for Dallas at that time, but he was spending his summer in LA, so he was around to act.
  • Joel memorized all of his lines in advance for his scripted debut, nailing everything in a couple of takes and even adding some improvisation. Ratner said they let Joel have fun with “the whole back and forth with the other woman in the office,” which is perhaps the funniest part of the whole show, and the crew was holding back laughter as Joel tried different things out.
  • Ratner told us that while there may be a documentary about Joel’s life in the future, we also shouldn’t rule out more scripted work.

He may not be at that kind of star level yet, but I never knew how badly I needed a Joel Embiid-hosted episode of SNL until right now.

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