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Liberty Links: A farmer turned his land into a shrine for The Process

Plus some other things that happened yesterday.

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How we doing this week, (very few) ladies and gentlemen? We’re pretty damn deep into the offseason, and since there’s not a whole lot of day-to-day news to cover with the Sixers, it felt like the right time to bring back the morning links. At the very least, it’ll give us a new place to start the discussion over each morning, which is desperately needed, unless you want to talk about Sixers playoff odds for the next month.

So with that in mind, let’s pick things back up. And since it’s still the offseason, we’ll mix in some non-basketball stuff just to keep it fresh.

Trust the Harvest?


The R & J Farmers Market in Souderton, Pennsylvania, trusts the process.

So much so, that owners Rich and Jill Alterman decided to do a Sixers themed corn maze this year — their 11th straight year making a corn maze.

The maze sits on a six-acre corn field and took three days to craft, four hours per day. Rich had the design drawn on graph paper and does not use GPS. He began cutting out the maze in July with a lawnmower while the corn stalks were only six inches.

I’m 100 percent for this, but Rich, I really have to question not using the GPS. It ended up turning out okay—11 years of maze-building will do that—but man, this could have ended up looking pretty abysmal. Better you than me, I suppose.

The Homie Dario had himself a game yesterday

18 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks for The Homie @megalodon20 vs Spain. #EuroBasket

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If you haven’t been keeping tabs on Eurobasket, I can’t really say I blame you. I don’t know that there’s a lot to learn from the competition, because most of the reasonably decent NBA players are dominating the competition. But it was definitely nice to see Saric show out against Spain on Tuesday, doing a little bit of everything on both ends.

I’m still not sure how often you’ll get to see Saric and Ben Simmons play together, but can’t you see the two of them unlocking defenses with mind-bending, no-look passes that catch opponents on their heels? They should get some burn together just for entertainment’s sake, if not for on-court value.

Elsewhere in Eurobasket action, Furkan Korkmaz had himself a day in a tight game against Belgium, scoring 14 points on 3/4 shooting from the field and 7/7 from the line. It’ll probably be difficult for Furkan No. 2 to score at the NBA level right away—his body just isn’t there yet—but as long as he can reliably knock down jump shots and not get completely lost on defense, he’ll find minutes.


No, I will definitely not be sitting in my apartment the weekend this drops and binging the entire package of episodes straight through, why do you ask?

The Rockets sold for a Scrooge McDuck vault worth of money

You know who had to be happy about the Rockets selling for $2.2 billion? The correct answer is technically every NBA owner—price of the product just went up—but Josh Harris and Sixers ownership in particular have to be ecstatic about their investment right about now.

When the Sixers changed hands from Ed Snider/Comcast-Spectacor to the current group, they moved for a price in the neighborhood of $280 million. The franchise has since a level of interest and passion that outstrips anything they’ve seen in the post Allen Iverson years, and though their arena deal artificially deflates the value of the franchise, estimates from Forbes place the team value around $800 million as of February. Given the potential for big boons in Philadelphia’s media market, I’d say that figure is on the conservative end of the spectrum.

Klay Thompson almost definitely robbed a bank over the weekend

There is absolutely no way you’re telling me this is anyone other than Klay Thompson. Buddy, I know you are probably going to have to take a pay cut if you want to stay with the Warriors a couple years down the road, but you don’t have to resort to this.

An immigrant’s dream of being a soccer player—Zito Madu, SB Nation

This is a little off the beaten path subject wise for this sort of round-up, but Zito crushed this, so go read it.

Isaiah Thomas finally addresses the trade to Cleveland

Nothing would be funnier than Boston fans falling all over themselves calling Thomas a folk hero, getting excited about a newer/younger upgrade at the position, and then having Thomas kick the shit out of them in a playoff series. I would’ve been rooting for him to get healthy no matter what, but I hope he comes back with a bionic hip at this point.

Some Philadelphia sports website launched yesterday

Support the homies Derek, Rich, Sheil, and the rest of the Athletic gang if you feel so inclined.

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