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Watch Ben Simmons dominate a bunch of small white guys in basketball

It’s something!

We haven’t seen Ben Simmons play in an actual basketball game since Las Vegas Summer League ended in 2016. So while we need to take this footage with an entire shaker of salt, allow yourself to enjoy Simmons in transition and dunking for a hot second.

None of this is any different from what we’ve seen out of Simmons in the past, except perhaps one brief moment at the beginning of the video. Sixers fans won’t want him shooting fadeaways all that often, but hey, he made a jump shot from pretty far away! That’s progress, I guess?

I’m much more interested in what Simmons looks like against, well, actual competition on the basketball court. Until we get that in about a month from now, this is the absolute best we can do, short of spying on Ben with CIA-level tactics. Try to maintain your sanity and keep your expectations in check until training camp starts 35 days from now.

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