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Sixers News: Markelle Fultz and Dennis Smith have already started trash talking

Bring it on, Dennis.

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He’s not likely to be associated with Markelle Fultzs in the same way that, say, Lonzo Ball will be, but Dennis Smith will be a player many Sixers fans will keep an eye on down the line. We were big fans of Smith around these parts, and had the Sixers stayed at No. 3, he would have been a player worthy of consideration.

But on a Twitch stream this morning—it’s a video-game streaming site, for those who aren’t in the know—Fultz and Smith started unloading on one another already, trash talking like they’ve been participating in head-to-head battles for years.

“Bro, you trash bro,” Fultz said to Smith, as he joined him for a Twitch stream on Tuesday morning. Smith called Fultz his “little brother,” so it appears the ribbing is all in good fun. Still neither one was content to stop there.

“Mavs suck, just to let y’all know, Philly pride, Philly love,” said Fultz. Smith’s reply was short and to the point: “Philly ain’t been good since A.I.”

From there, the topic quickly moved on to the important things in life, like Fultz discovering there was a copy of Donkey Kong 64 available to be played, later stressing the pair should play Mario Kart instead of the hockey game (Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey perhaps?) Smith had chosen.

You can watch a brief clip of their Twitch back-and-forth below.

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