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The Sixers’ new Nike jerseys look gorgeous

The Sixers unveiled their new jerseys for their first year under Nike’s guidance.

A couple important things we learned this morning—the Sixers uniforms are getting a bit of a touch-up under the new Nike supervision, and Markelle Fultz is definitely going to be taking the No. 20 for this upcoming season, after dropping some hints that he’d taken the digits from Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot previously.

While it looks like the Sixers will be forgoing any massive changes to their uniforms, the addition of some drop shadow behind the names and numbers give them a little bit of a bolder look. I think it’s a nice compromise between retaining the classic feel and making them feel like an entry all their own.

The addition of a new “Brotherly Love” message is an especially nice touch:


If you want to take a look at the two jerseys side-by-side for comparison, Paul Lukas from Uni Watch is your guy:

If you follow the links the Sixers shared on social media, they’ve also made a preview of their white jerseys available, and they’ve undergone similar changes. Both uniforms feature the new StubHub patch, only varying in the colors they used to help it stand out from the backdrop.


Each team is expected to have four different uniforms under Nike’s guidance, and I’m going to assume these are the “Association Edition” and “The Icon Edition” mentioned in the league’s press release on the matter. We’ll have to see what they cooked up for the other two selections, and whether they’ll be one of the eight teams with a “Classic Edition” available this fall.

I’m sure there are some traditionalists out there who prefer the slightly cleaner look of the previous edition, but I’m a Nike mark, so I’m obligated to cape for these. It’s hard to make a jersey in red, white, and blue that doesn’t look good. What do you all think of the look?

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