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Liberty Links: It turns out Phil Jackson wasn’t the Knicks’ only problem

Dear lord, New York.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, y’all. I hope you all made it through the brutal stretch of the week that comes after you have a national holiday on a Tuesday. The short week is nice, the kick in the ass on Wednesday is not.

To the links...

Tim Hardaway Jr.’s contract is pure insanity

There were a few eyebrow-raising contracts handed out so far, but this is easily the leader in the clubhouse. What was the market for Tim Hardaway Jr. outside of New York? How do you reach this price point? What is Hardaway doing for you that is worth that amount of money.

Phil Jackson provided easy punchlines, but the problems are higher up than the GM. Until James Dolan gets run out of town, good luck to the Knicks fans out there. You’re going to need it.

Meanwhile, in Miami...

I like Johnson, but he’ll be 34 by the end of his deal, and the Miami Heat are now paying Dion Waiters, Kelly Olynyk, and James Johnson $162 million over the next four years. That’s, uh, a lot.

Milos Teodosic in the NBA is going to be super dope

Obligatory “He’s not going to defend anyone” note, but this guy is going to be so fun to watch. The drop-off from Chris Paul is real in Los Angeles, but they’re going to be a lot of fun still.

The Grizzlies are retiring Zach Randolph’s number, and it’s well-deserved

It’s always about basketball — but sometimes it’s about more than basketball. That’s when it’s special. The eight years Zach spent in the mud, in Memphis, are special. They are filled with franchise-defining basketball success, but they are so clearly about more than that. Every Memphian felt it and all of us believe it.

Zach helped establish what it means to play for the Grizzlies on the court and in the community, and in doing so helped forge an identity for our City. His numerous on the court accomplishments speak for themselves. He is our all-time leader in field goals, rebounds and of course, takedowns.

He is a proud civic leader and an extraordinary hands-on community benefactor. It is no coincidence that our collective dedication to service in our communities and our pride in Memphis surged during his time here.

No arguments here. Z-Bo was productive and instrumental in the franchise’s first real period of success, but he means a lot more to the city than his stats could ever indicate. They were the perfect match for one another, and it’s nice to see that recognized.

Giannis is already shutting down those pesky departure rumors

I look forward to this being RT’d ironically eventually.

Melo to Houston???

It’s still Warriors in five, but I appreciate the effort.

What football will look like in the future—Jon Bois, SB Nation

I am still not entirely sure what in the absolute fuck this is about or how Jon Bois put this together/came up with it, but if you have some time on your hands, it is an experience.

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