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Watch highlights from Markelle Fultz’s second game of Utah Summer League

This guy can hoop.

Staring directly into a mirror...

It’s just Summer League. It’s just Summer League. It’s just Summer League.

The obvious caveats aside, Fultz gave you everything you could possibly want in the second half of last night’s game. Watching the game again this morning—yes, I am in fact a crazy person—it is still sort of mind-boggling the Sixers have this kid on their team for the foreseeable future.

Highlight videos obscure some of the mistakes I mentioned in our recap last night, but it seems obvious that better teammates around Fultz will open up the game for him. The step-back three toward the end of the clip is absolutely bonkers for a prospect that just turned 19, and he still looks like the natural-born scorer he appeared to be in college.

It’s unlikely he plays in tonight’s Utah Summer League finale, so savor these highlights to hold you over until Las Vegas Summer League rolls around.

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