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Sixers News: LeBron James acknowledges The Process, sort of

If you guys think I have any intent of letting the LeBron James to Philly dream die, you really have not been paying any attention the last few years.

Yes, this is simply the name of JJ Redick’s documentary on LeBron’s Uninterrupted service, which you should definitely watch. Yes, LeBron saying happy birthday to Ben Simmons is not a big deal, nor is it really all that big of a deal that he has worked out with last year’s No. 1 overall draft pick. He’s part of the same agency, Klutch Sports, and his sister just so happened to get a job there before signing with them.

But for the naysayers out there, you should know better than anyone Sixers fans need to treasure the small victories after the last few years. At the very least, they are a team with players on the radar of the NBA’s best player, even if it’s just a business partnership. And for me, that’s enough, because they can use every edge they can find.

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