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Liberty Links: Manu Ginobili to return for his 16th NBA season

Ginobili wants one more crack at an NBA title.

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Manu Ginboili is not ready to hang up his sneakers just yet. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Ginboili, who turns 40 in nine days, will sign a one-year deal. Wojnarowski also says the Spurs are working to re-sign Pau Gasol, who opted out of his contract earlier this summer.

Ginobili averaged a career low 7.5 points and shot just 39 percent from the field in 69 games last season. He’s clearly slowing down, but it’ll be nice to have him in the league for at least one more year. You never know when he might step up to make a big play.

Here’s what else happened Tuesday:

Paul George was nearly traded to the Cavaliers instead of the Thunder

Mario Chalmers is back in the NBA

Chalmers, 31, last played two seasons ago with the Heat and Grizzlies. He ruptured his right Achilles tendon in March 2016, and has been out of basketball since.

Con man swindled NBA stars of sneakers by posing as Adele’s manager, police say - David Ovalle, Miami Herald

According to an arrest warrant filed Tuesday, Jackson used email to pose as Adele’s manager when he:

▪ Offered Adele concert tickets in exchange for sneakers from basketball players Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook and Bismack Biyombo, among others, purportedly for an auction to benefit charities. He succeeded in getting sneakers shipped to him from NBA stars Paul George, Victor Oladipo and Richard Hamilton.

Can Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams Shine on the Clippers? - Paolo Uggetti - The Ringer

Just five years ago, Beverley was thousands of miles away in Russia, grinding through the Eurocup games and still trying to make his way back to the NBA after being picked in the second round of the 2009 draft by the Lakers, promptly traded to Miami, and then eventually waived by the Heat in the span of a year. Five years ago, Williams was on the second team of his young career when an ACL injury ended his season early, leading to his worst statistical campaign the following year and sending him on a small tour around the league, looking for a permanent home. So goes the business. Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams are familiar with it all, and now, they’re Clippers.

Meet Calvin Roberts, the 61-year-old seriously trying to make an NBA roster - Harrison Faigen, SB Nation

Today, Roberts hardly looks like an average 61-year-old. He has a torso like a tree trunk and the bulging biceps of a man 30 years younger. Even though he had warned his oldest daughter that he was attempting to make a Las Vegas Summer League roster and had been working out more frequently, she still was not prepared for her father’s physical transformation when he came to visit her at college.

“I hadn't seen him in about a year when he told me,” Natalia Roberts told SB Nation. “And then he came to visit me not long after and he was ripped.”

“It was amazing. He has never been in that good of shape in his life.”

How the NBA's new 2-way contracts work and why some agents are worried about them

Sure, there are technically 60 more players in the NBA. But it will only be at a specific team’s discretion, with no lateral movement until the contract is up. Before, the G-League’s most convincing selling point was how easily any player could be called up for a 10-day tryout. That goes away for players who sign two-way contracts.

“There’s good and there’s bad,” one agent who recently had a client sign a two-way contract told me. “On one hand, when teams are looking to make call-ups, you’re locked into the one team. But on the other, if the team really likes you, you have to do anything you can to get your foot in the door.”

LeBron James is "concerned" with the Cavs’ offseason - Chris Manning, Fear The Sword

When the New York Knicks can fire and higher a new general manager in a shorter time period than you, something probably is not right.

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