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Liberty Links: Boston Celtics interested in trade that will inevitably fall short

Will the Celtics finally add their last piece to the puzzle? Eh, probably not.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Not one, but two superstars may be calling Boston home next year.

According to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics are attempting to sequence both the signing of Gordon Hayward and a trade for Paul George once free agency begins on July 1.

This plan seems pretty far from foolproof. Asking the Indiana Pacers to wait around while Boston get their ducks in a row seems very unlikely, as Wojnarowski alluded to. There seems to be plenty of interest league wide, ranging from Los Angeles to Cleveland, and the Lakers are probably itching to acquire him now instead of hoping he makes it to the free agency market next year.

Also, this is a Celtics team that has hoarded assets so much they couldn’t top Minnesota’s offer of a draft pick, Zach LaVine and a bag of donuts for Jimmy Butler. Plus, Ainge hangs up the phone when any team mentions Jaylen Brown, and Boston just spent the third overall pick on Jayson Tatum, the player they say they would’ve selected No. 1 overall. If Boston’s not giving up those guys, it’s hard to imagine they strike a deal for George.

I imagine Boston will come painstakingly close to getting George before it all falls apart. It always does.

Here’s what else happened on Tuesday:

The Sixers are reportedly interested in bringing back Andre Iguodala

Agent driven interest!

Saric and Embiid snubs show just how much 76ers have shaken up NBA - Mike Sielski,

For all the sportswriters and broadcasters who believed either Saric or Embiid was most deserving of the award, splitting the vote between the two and allowing the Milwaukee Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon to win, there were likely as many or more who were never going to reward the Sixers for their “process.”

Ranking 60 best available players, potential fits, analysis - Matt Moore, CBS Sports

Matt Moore goes in-depth on who he thinks is the 60 best free agents in the 2017 class. Considering how shallow this crop of players are, God bless him. He lists Kyle Lowry, Tyreke Evans, Darren Collison, Mike Muscala and David Lee as potential fits in Philadelphia. Make sure you’re sitting down for this one though; it’s a lengthy read.

NBA Rumors: LeBron James would reportedly 'never' play for the Clippers - Colin Ward-Henninger, CBS Sports

Mike Wise of ESPN’s The Undefeated was pretty adamant in stating that if LeBron went to Los Angeles, it wouldn’t be to play for the Clippers. Can’t say that one comes as much of a surprise. The marketability difference between the Lakers and the Clippers is humongous, and James is too smart not to realize that.

Breaking down the best 3-and-D guys on the free-agent market - James Herbert, CBS Sports

There are certainly a couple names in here that could be of interest to Sixers fans.

Support great G-League coverage at 2 Ways & 10 Days

The two best G-League writers on the internet, Chris Reichert and Adam Johnson, have just launched a new site called They’re hoping to raise money through Patreon to offer freelance opportunities for others. If you like the G-League and also want to support basketball journalism opportunities for others, please throw them a couple dollars a month.

This basketball court in Paris is incredible

This is fantastic looking, but also has to be way too distracting to play basketball on. I’m all about spicing up the basketball court esthetic to be much more modernistic, however. Hopefully some ideas like this make their way stateside.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

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