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Sixers News: Ben Simmons’ foot is healthy enough for him to dunk

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A little fun after ‍♂️

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When Ben Simmons has been spotted by media at the Sixers practice facility this summer, he has mostly kept a low profile, often waltzing around the court in slides. There hasn’t been much to get a read from, and he and the team probably like it that way.

But this video makes it look as though he’s more than ready to go to battle with other NBA teams. And based on a few pieces of shared footage from his Instagram, Simmons spent the majority of his Saturday night putting in work at the practice facility.


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Gonna sleep like a baby

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You don’t become as skilled as Simmons is without putting a lot of work in, and while I don’t need the footage to believe he’s grinding, it’s a welcome sign to see him in the gym on a Saturday night in June. After a year of sitting out and listening to doubters, you have to imagine he’s beyond ready for next season to begin.

Stay after it, kid. The Sixers’ takeover is coming soon.