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Sixers News: Why is Kevin Garnett hanging around Philadelphia’s practice facility?


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A lot of Sixers fans probably still get mad on sight when they see Kevin Garnett. He played for a rival franchise during his career’s apex, talked an endless amount of trash, set a countless number of illegal screens, and was a general nuisance.

But the team apparently saw fit to host him for a visit this weekend, and it’s not immediately clear what the reason behind it is. Though he has telegraphed his moves a little more purposefully since he started doing the Area 21 thing for TNT, he still tends to keep a low profile compared to some of his peers.

On the team’s behalf, a Sixers official confirmed that Garnett was in town this morning visiting with coaches and players. Beyond that, there was no clarification of the purpose of his visit.

So why’s he in Philadelphia? There are a million reasons we could make up on the spot

  • He’s mentoring Joel Embiid
  • He’s filming a segment for Area 21 with the recent No. 1 overall pick, Markelle Fultz
  • He’s visiting a friend on the Sixers’ coaching staff
  • He’s shooting a segment with Embiid to run if he wins Rookie of the Year on Monday
  • He wants to purchase part of the team—that dude is loaded, and this was thought to be his path with the Timberwolves for a while
  • He really, truly trusts the process

Garnett may have been easy to hate as an opponent, but if he has any defensive advice he wants to share with the young Sixers, keep that man in the building for as long as you can.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: It looks like KG was working with Embiid and The Homie, at the very least.


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