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Joel Embiid signed the Hinkie banner at XFINITY Live

Naturally he signed it “Trust The Process”.

Joel Embiid spent his Thursday evening watching the 2017 NBA Draft at XFINITY Live, but a man dubbed “The Process” couldn’t leave without acknowledging the Sam Hinkie banner.

In fact, he did more than just acknowledge it: he put his John Hancock on it.

For a better look:

There’s no bigger Hinkie supporter than Joel Embiid himself, and the feeling may be mutual. Embiid shared a picture on Instagram honoring his former general manager, and Hinkie returned the favor by boosting the 23-year-old’s campaign to become an All-Star.

I’m not entirely sure how that signature reads “Joel Embiid”, but having “Trust The Process” on there suffices. The Hinkie banner may no longer hang in the rafters of XFINITY Live, but at this point it deserves to be in a museum. Perhaps the Louvre. Maybe the Smithsonian.

The banner was a piece of art to begin with, and Embiid turned it into a masterpiece.

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