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2017 NBA Draft: Markelle Fultz’s social media manager forgot to update his generic draft post

Joel Embiid is not going to lose his social media crown.

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Markelle Fultz might threaten Joel Embiid’s social media crown—let’s be honest, you probably didn’t—you can probably put that concern to rest. In an attempt to express his excitement over being drafted, Fultz and/or his camp botched an Instagram post by forgetting to actually fill in the details.

Since we’re calling out screw ups here, let’s note that fellow Liberty Ballers writer Jake Pavorsky liked the picture and didn’t think twice about the caption. He deserves the shame bell on this one too.

Fultz gushed about how close the Sixers core appeared to be during his first visit to the practice facility, so if he’s having trouble getting his social media game in order, maybe Embiid will do some free consultation with him. It certainly can’t hurt to ask, because he’s going to be a star in Philadelphia and deal with all the scrutiny that comes with that.

Here’s the thing—if this is the worst mistake Fultz makes in Philadelphia, he’ll have a damn good career.

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