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2017 NBA Draft Rumors: Joel Embiid is openly recruiting Kristaps Porzingis to Philadelphia

Let’s do the damn thing.

The New York Knicks are locked in one of the strangest disputes with a player I can ever remember happening. Kristaps Porzingis is the only ray of hope for the franchise—and really the only thing saving Phil Jackson from the unemployment line—yet they seem openly pessimistic about his future in New York.

Seeing this, a hero has emerged in Philadelphia, ready to save Porzingis from a series of increasingly adversarial meetings with the Zen Master. In Sixers world, Joel Embiid suggests they don’t care a whole lot about those pesky exit meetings, and he seems eager to share the spotlight with Porzingis in Philadelphia.

Either that, or he’s just trolling the biggest disaster of a franchise in the NBA, but either way it makes for good discussion fodder. Embiid was ahead of the curve in the chase for Markelle Fultz, and maybe he’s light years ahead of everybody once again.

It wasn’t his only recent attempt to sell another player on the culture in Philadelphia.

Isn’t it just grand to have this guy in a Sixers uniform? What a treasure.

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