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2017 NBA Draft Rumors Open Thread: All of Thursday’s trade rumors, draft rumors and speculation in one place

What exactly is Phil Jackson doing?

NBA: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In lieu of the usual links post you fine folks see here on a daily basis, we’re going to try to keep track of all the usual crazy rumors you see on draft day. The 2017 NBA Draft has had a crazier lead-in than others—seriously, has there been a more ridiculous pre-draft offseason?—but we’re going to do our best to make sure you have access to all the latest scuttlebutt.

Failing that, consider this your place to talk about the newest news developments that aren’t Sixers specific. Happy draft day, everyone.

Seriously dude, what are you doing?

You have one player with future star potential, who also happens to be the only reason you haven’t been run out of town yet. Have you lost your goddamn mind? How do you go on TV and say this the day before the draft?

Anyway, it looks like there are a lot of suitors for Porzingis, to no one’s surprise.

Oklahoma City has exactly zero chance to put together a good enough trade package, but I am super here for the Porzingis & Russell Westbrook tag team, even if the culture shock going from New York City to Oklahoma City might kill Zinger’s spirit.

Danny Green is available

I think the Sixers probably shouldn’t give up anything of value to get Green—he’s effectively on a one-year contract since he has a player option—but he would fit like a glove on this current Sixers team. You could run out a Fultz-Green-Covington-Simmons-Embiid starting five with Dario Saric, Jerryd Bayless, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarot, Richaun Holmes, and Nik Stauskas giving you a really interesting 10-man rotation off the bat.

Alas, he’s more likely to go to a team ready to contend now/willing to give up more to get him.

So you’re telling me Ball isn’t in the mix?

We basically already knew this, but as one of the few Ball agnostics around here, I feel a little vindicated. (Important note: This is probably as much Ball’s camp as it is the Sixers, so feel free to ignore my gloating)

Lots of Rockets are available

I’m not exactly sure why the Rockets would be interested in Chris Paul. I’m perhaps the biggest CP3 mark you will ever meet, but his impact on a team that already has James Harden would be minimal relative to other upgrades they can make, since both backcourt players need the ball in their hands to maximize effectiveness.

In a timeline where the Sixers didn’t trade up for Fultz, I’d be all about trying to get Pat Beverley to Philly, but I’m not sure it makes much sense at this point.

Goodbye, cap space

But hey, anytime you’re a team in a glamour market who can dump interesting prospects to chase a LeBron James & Paul George pipe dream, you have to do it.

Miscellaneous Draft Day Reads

The Process is dead, long live The Process—John Gonzalez, The Ringer

Gonzo is not just a friend of the blog—peep the LB shout out—he’s pretty damn good at this writing thing.

What makes Markelle Fultz an NBA Draft favorite—Kyle Wagner, Five Thirty Eight

Teams tend to find ways to make things work with players who can dribble, pass and shoot. For now, Fultz is a perfect fit for a Philly roster that needs ballhandling and shooting, and just as important, a perfect fit for the directions the NBA game is headed.

The very honest musical playlist for every NBA team’s offseason—Dan Carson, Fox Sports

Philadelphia’s starts with “Sam’s Town,” and that’s all you really need to know.

Richaun Holmes on Slam’s “Respect The Game” Podcast

Okay, you can’t read a podcast, but it’ll kill some time between now and the draft.

DraftExpress and their always updating mock

Nothing out of the ordinary here for the moment, but keep an eye on this throughout the day. Things get crazy on draft day.

Updated rumors

The Knicks are a tire fire, but you knew that

This does not seem very Spurs like

Hey okay, this makes sense! Aldridge is a weird player in today’s game, and they could probably make better use of that money. So who do they want to use it on?

I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree on those two people being equally important targets.


Let’s get weird, Vlade.

The lone Sixers rumor so far

Keep an eye on this for later. There are definite rumblings of an attempt to move back into the first round.

Whose man is this?

Phil Jackson, everybody! Except wait, maybe this one isn’t legit...

Whatever man, let me laugh at Phil Jackson some more.

The yearly Ricky Rubio rumor

The year is 2034. Ricky Rubio is still on the verge of being traded from Minnesota.

Danny Ainge is elite at trying

Nobody floats out better trade rumors than Ainge. But wait, there’s more!

Not exactly sure how Boston expects to get another lottery pick, but do your thing playboy.

Harry Giles isn’t done yet, suckers

Multiple NBA sources who received Harry Giles' medical info told ESPN that it was more favorable than they had anticipated. Two torn ACL's. — Jeff Goodman, ESPN

There are only a few Giles believes left on this website, but I’m very cool with rolling the dice on him if he lasts until the late first.

I too am in pursuit of Paul George

Harden and George would be excellent, but I don’t see how this gets done.


Thibs wants his guy, so Thibs is going to go get his guy.

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