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2017 NBA Draft: Markelle Fultz says his goal is to be MVP of the league one day

Aim high, young man.

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If Markelle Fultz hadn’t been familiar with the phrase “trust the process” before, he would have gotten a crash course on it when he arrived in Philadelphia. Thankfully, it seems like the presumed No. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft is intimately familiar with the phrase, to the point that he once believed he came up with it himself.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what he told assembled media about his familiarity with the Process when asked about it Wednesday afternoon.

Actually, I’ve been saying Trust The Process. I didn’t even know about Philly. Me, I got cut from JV. So the big thing we used to say back home was trust the process, not transferring schools. I didn’t know about the saying Trust The Process with Philly until probably my senior year when I was watching basketball and seeing the tweets about it. I thought I came up with it at first.

Given the amount of non-Philly players who have alluded to phrases about process trusting before, I think there’s merit to the idea that they’d be unaware of its ties to the Sixers. Pretty sure we can let Fultz slide on this one.

If he lives up the goals he has laid out for himself, there definitely won’t be any problems among Sixers faithful. Here’s what he had to say about his goals at the next level.

First of all, it’s to be the best young man and basketball player I can possibly be. Coming in, I want to win Rookie of the Year. I got a pretty high goal for myself, I want to be the MVP. I set my goals high because I want to put in a lot of work to achieve them.

Fultz will have serious competition for both honors—his teammate Ben Simmons will have something to say about his aim to be the top rookie—but I love a guy who isn’t afraid to shoot for the stars with his early goals. The Sixers have a young core with serious aspirations, and if you have a trio of potential stars with maximum drive, only good things can come from it.

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