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Liberty Links: Markelle Fultz’s coaches at Washington say losing wasn’t his fault

What else did you want from him?

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Have you come to grips with the Sixers obtaining the No. 1 pick yet? Did you pre-order your Markelle Fultz jersey? Are you ready for October to roll around right this second?

You don’t actually have to answer those questions, but prepare for more Fultz talk around here for the time being.

Losing wasn’t fault of Markelle Fultz, says UW assistant Raphael Chillious

We just didn’t have the same firepower as a UCLA or Arizona had. If Markelle had the same players with him to go along with what he had, I don’t think it’d be a question in the equation.

Look at his stats. They were something no freshman in the last I think it was 20 years had put up those type of stats across the board. I don’t know what more he could have done, except for pass it out to someone, kick it out there for him, and then put it in the basket for them.

He did all he can do, it was just a situation where we weren’t successful. Every level he’s been prior to that, all he’s done is won, so winning is in there.

Luckily for Fultz, this story hasn’t dominated his draft process like it did for Ben Simmons. Still, it’s reassuring to hear one of his coaches dismiss the concern.

The Cavs are doing, what exactly?

Everything seemed peachy in Cleveland Monday afternoon. They were reportedly in the mix for another star wing—who knows how—and preparing for another run through the East next year.

And then, for lack of a better way to explain it, shit went down.

Uh, what? Surely this wont derai—

Hmm, okay. Well at least LeBron will be on boar—

Okay fine, at least Dan Gilbert didn’t write something in Comic Sa—

Alright man, I give up. LeBron to Philly in 2018.

Just in case you forgot, the Sixers really got the No. 1 pick in the draft

NBA Draft Data by Pick Value and Race—Josh Wheeling

I am not too sure what this says about the draft process, but I thought this was an interesting study. I am also afraid to ask the comment section for hypotheses, but it’s worth thinking about.

Joel Embiid is the GOAT

Markelle Fultz never forgets—Kent Babb, Washington Post

“Now the real work begins,” Williams says as they push into the chilly New York air, and Markelle agrees. In his mind, this is no finish line or, really, even a time to celebrate. It’s just another crossroads moment — the Celtics a few weeks from becoming the latest group to pass him over — and an impending chance to prove he belongs.

"I’m gonna prove why I’m the No. 1 pick," he says. "I know there’s people out there saying, ‘There’s no way he should be the No. 1 pick. He was just on JV.’ "

He pauses, dwelling on this possibility more than any other.

"They’re saying something.”

This story was mentioned in a write-up we did yesterday, but it’s worth another look here.

The podcasts don’t stop

Rich and Derek recorded another podcast from the practice facility yesterday, so here it is for your listening pleasure.

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